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    Please, somebody buy this

    Obviously, you’d want to confirm before you buy something at this price, but a Tyde tenor was listed on Reverb by Sylvan Music with a 1 7/16” nut width. It may not be the same for a concert, but it probably won’t be wider than that. (If you can’t tell, I’d also be happy if someone bought this one)
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    Price increases

    They raised their prices since last year (like the others), but the K1 model you linked has “deluxe” koa and is normally $100 more than the base level K1. The base model K1 is still $1,355, per Kanile’a’s website.
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    Andrew Molina’s Ukulele Academy

    Looks like he just posted a couple of sample lessons, one on a technique and one more of a playing tip. Thumb brush technique Exposing your weak points
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    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    The other consideration is who else will get their hands on it. My wife and I got Outdoors to leave out around the house and take on family hikes, etc. Thanks to my 5 year old, the amount of things I have had to wipe off those ukes and the number of avoided dings from drops is substantial. That...
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    FS: Kanile'a K-1 C (2020) [Price drop]

    Still available...
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    Andrew Molina’s Ukulele Academy

    Looks like Andrew Molina finally launched his online ukulele course. Andrew Molina Ukulele Academy He’s mentioned it a few times in his podcast so I’ve been interested in seeing what he would offer. There are three membership levels, with the top (and most expensive) Prestige level including...
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    New bed for my uke to lie in

    Congrats! I really wish they had offered these sooner. Most of the dealers included generic hard cases and even though the new ones are probably a little nicer, I can’t justify swapping out cases to have KoAloha on the label.
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    Price increases

    Yep, a Kamaka I was on the waitlist for went up $300 from last year. I also have 2020 Kanile’a K-1 concert (that’s for sale in the Marketplace) and when trying to price it, I noticed that the 2021 version has gone up $130 from what I paid originally.
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    NUD: Flight Carabao Concert (SUS exclusive)

    Thanks for the sound sample! It has a really nice balance. BTW.... If you're considering a string change, I really liked the Uke Logic soft tension on the anniversary model in the brief time I had it.
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    NUD: Flight Carabao Concert (SUS exclusive)

    Congrats, and thanks for the detailed write up! Would love to hear a sound sample when you get a chance. The tenor model was noticeably better sounding than the other Flight tenors in Alex's comparison video. Also, I agree with you on the gig bag. It's the same as what they give you with the...
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    Rebel Invictus NUD

    Congrats! The sound samples for these from the guys at The Ukulele Site/Hawaii Music Supply were really nice. Hope the finger heals soon so you get some quality time with it!
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    FS: Kanile'a K-1 C (2020) [Price drop]

    Bump for the price drop (post edited)
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    Recommendations for reputable online stores and brands for a newbie please!

    I agree with all the recommended shops above (and have bought from all of them). The only other one I didn't see mentioned was Aloha City. Matt does a great job setting up his ukes and he has an in house brand (Makiao) that seems like a decent deal.
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    Review: Flight A10 FM - Not ready to fly with the big boys

    SUS’s website says it’s £70 to ship a larger uke under a £1000 to the US or Canada, but that you’re also responsible for any duties. I’ve bought two ukes from them and the duties/fees to the US were around $90 each time. They ship quick too. I ordered and received one from them before a uke I...
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    Concert Samples -- Which do you like best?

    I’m going to go with 4-2-1-3, although I bet 3 is better in person than it sounded due to positioning. I’m mostly just annoyed because I’m guessing one of them is the same eucalyptus Ohana that my wife has, but I can’t for the life of me figure out which one (2?).