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  • Ginny-
    I purchased mine off the shelf from Dusty Strings in Seattle last summer so I didn't get to make any decisions about it. It's a Style O-S soprano in a matt finish. Mine is a rather plain one in terms of asthetics - all Koa including the neck and fret board. Just a little detail around the sound hole. It came with Peghead tuners which are wonderful. Looking at the pictures on the Donaldson group, they look amazing. I know I would have much preferred a contrasting fret board and gloss finish and/or some other asthetic upgrades. However, the price cannot be beat for a hand build all solid koa uke. I love playing it, period. The Donaldson almost has a "bark" to it. It's very bright and resonant and much louder than my Mele. The strings look to be Aquilla Nylgut. I know you will be happy with whatever style and finish you end up getting.
    Hi W,
    Tell me about your Donaldson...is it all koa? And did you get the vintage shape or the Martin shape? What strings did you ask for? Do you play it all the time? What finish did you get, and do you like it?
    Mine is bearclaw spruce and myrtle in a Martin shape. I've requested semi-gloss, but I'm now thinking I should choose gloss. It's a lot of fun making decisions about the design.
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