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    Pono Baritone, Koaloha Concert and Bradford Donaldson Soprano

    This is a heads up for three ukuleles I'm selling. After wandering around the different sizes I have gravitated to the tenor as my preferred model and after procrastinating as long as possible, I've finally decided my closet could use more room. Since the most action these ukuleles see is when...
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    Moe Dixon and Mya-Moe #1

    I had the pleasure of running into Moe Dixon who was about to play for an educational fund raiser at the Hood River Waterfront Park yesterday. I haven't heard Moe in person for many years so I was quite excited and pleased my wife could hear him live for the first time. While we were talking...
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    Mele Ukulele @ Wailea shops

    We were at the Shops at Wailea last night and visited the Mele shop which has been open a little over a year. The store had a good selection of ukuleles from Mele and others. They also sponsor "Ukulele Mixed Plate" entertainment on first, second and fourth Wednesday night's from 6:00-8:00. Last...
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    Drums of the Islands/Waterfall Tabs

    Does anyone have tabs for Drums of the Islands/Waterfall, performed by The Makaha Sons? I've exhausted all my usual searches and have come up empty. Thanks in advance.
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    Bridge Question

    I recently restrung my Koaloha tenor and when I pulled the last string off, the bridge insert fell off. Well I didn't expect that and didn't take note if the angle should face the bottom of the uke (as shown) or if it should be reversed and face the nut. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    808 Uke Jams on Maui

    We attended another great evening with the 808 Uke Jams class in Kihei last night. Always a highlight of our trips to Maui. I hate to tell you all about them - the church was almost full of people from around the world! One thing I love about these classes is that Kumu Kealoha mixes in...
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    Mele now open in Shops at Wailea

    We had the opportunity to visit Mele's new store in Wailea (next to Tommy Bahama). They have a very nice selection of ukulele's from Mele, Hula (their intro line), Kala and others. 4-string, 6-string, 8-string, low G, high G, jumbo tenors, guitelele, etc. A really nice selection totally...
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    Mele Solid Koa Tenor

    More pictures Picture showing mark on neck in the upper portion of the picture
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    Mele Solid Koa Tenor

    More pictures
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    Mele Solid Koa Tenor

    More pictures
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    Mele Solid Koa Tenor

    First time selling on UU. SOLD (locally)-- Thank you everyone for your interest Ryan, the young man that bought it was very happy. He has been playing for a couple years but more seriously this year. This is a good step up for him and gives him a second ukulele so his wife can join him rather...
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    Using UU+ IPad Ap Off-line

    Whenever I have tried to use my IPad ap for UU+ off-line I get an "updating data..." Message and I can't start any lessons. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution? Here's a screen capture. Thanks in advance.
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    Playing for an orphanage

    My family recently spent a week in Todos Santos just north of Cabo on the Pacific side. We traveled down with six ukuleles, from soprano to baritone. Some of the locals heard about us and within a couple days we were joined by six and twelve string guitars, Autoharp, fiddle and accordion. I...
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    Fluke concert in our local Craigslist

    Just saw this in seattle's Craigslist. No affiliation but I know people look for these.
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    Favorite travelling uke?

    I will travel with any or all of mine but I recently went to St. Louis for a business trip and decided I would take my flea in my carryon bag (if it fit), even though I planned on checking it. As you can see, it fit perfectly.