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    Strings for Islander MC-4 ? have had one for nearly 18 months; recently gifted to a friend and she loves it. Regarding string selection. I played the stock strings for about three months and found them a little 'thin'... was looking for a richer, deeper tone with a little more sustain. Switched to Low G...
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    Greetings from Long Beach, CA

    Old thread From 2018
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    Brooks England Koa Wood Bicycle Saddle :)

    Sweet "17's" but all my Brooks are the "Swift" road model in "honey blonde" ... sweet rides.
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    Which soprano brand would you recommend as a keeper?

    I have a 'cheater' soprano : - ) ... a KoAloha "longneck/super" Pineapple Soprano. When I got it the "A" string nut slot was poorly cut, so I made a new bone nut with a noticeable improvement; none of the chimey-ness on an open "A". This 'open pore' finish was really, really open pore, much...
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    String stretching “tricks”?

    If I'm using a thru-bridge strung uke I know the knots will still have a little 'tightening' before they set in. (There's no way I can completely set a knot by hand stretching). So as with @Snargle, I'll up-tune a step or two on initial stringing, strum a bit, then let 'er sit a while. I'm...
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    UPT or UPTL?

    Thanks for posting your success. It helps others who may follow a similar path. :-)
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    WTB: Concert Ukulele

    Poster seems to have given up :-) One post - his/her only - in July MDF... if you're out there, let us know a little more about what you need.
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    New Fence and thin sides

    Looks like your old thread got spammed… new member, one post :- )
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    Pictures of Ukuleles destroyed beyond repair!

    “As-is” on UU Marketplace: "One owner, gently strummed while in an abusive relationship...." : - )
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    supercool aerosmith cover

    SPAM gambling site.
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    Being alone in your 50s?

    Late to chime in, but I'd do some online searching for local cycling (bicycling) groups. Doesn't matter what "skill level" you are, most of them have regular get togethers with multiple routes to ride, with varying ride lengths and skill levels. Start your search with your states' Bicycle...
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    NUD - Ken Timms style 0 soprano with 'Sinker' mahogany body

    Nice photo... Just looking at the 'thumbnail' image, I though your uke' just laid an EGG ! : -)
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    Ukulele Porn (post your uke pics here...)

    While this is no match for those luscious Cornerstones ( gasp ) I had to sell a K-2 long neck to raise the funds for the purchase of this K-1 concert. Yes, photos are those of HMS, mostly because the quality is way above my photog skills. But even these pics don't show how beautiful it is OR how...
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    KoAloha Strings NOW Available

    Thanks and apologies (cut n paste got truncated). Original comment corrected @ post #42