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    jason mraz uke freestyle

    these have been on youtube for about a year now so odds are someone on uu has seen it before (if there isnt a thread already!) but heres some cool videos of mraz and bushwalla bustin some rhymes with mraz on the uke
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    Bass Ukulele

    i stumbled upon this little article and thought it was pretty cool.. just wanted to share. im curious to see how it sounds
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    "young master jake" video

    i stumbled upon this vid of jake shimabukuro playing with the makaha sons. just thought id post it for those who havnt seen it because its such an awesome performance. check it put! (no, its not my video) -alex
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    by the beatles... thanks to dominator for the tutorial its not the best.. but it gets the job done :) rate! comment! tips! do what you guys do.. thanks
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    north shore ukulele stores?

    im going to north shore hawaii in a few weeks and want to buy a new uke.. and i was wondering if anyone knows of any stores/shops i should check out... thanks
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    P!ATD i write sins not tradgedies chords

    anyone know them? mr. aldrine guerrero knows them and plays them in.. thanks.
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    medley =)

    composed of: im yours no one hero/heroine 21 questions yellow submarine i cant sing but oh well i guess haha