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  • New to the use of sites like this. I sent or thought I sent a message of my interest in your Gold Tone. Is it available? I enjoyed your videos BTW.
    Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm not so sure I fit in, ability wise, with the other musicians in the videos on the Mele website but whatever I guess...!!!

    The Mele guitarlele is a very nice instrument and I highly recommend it for those who want a 6-string guitar/ukulele hybrid. You know, it's funny but I bought a Mele baritone but sold it real quick because of the neck being too wide. Mele makes some nice instruments but the baritone wasn't for me. I'd love to play one of their tenors.

    Thanks again and may peace be with you...!!!
    Just watched your video of the Mele Guitarlele.......man that sounds sweeeeeeeet!!!!! I really like the Mahogany wood used, she looks sharp! BTW.....nice playing too!!
    I'll not be at UWC, I have too many obligations here around the house to cut loose for that. I'm sure you will have a lot of fun meeting a lot of nice people. Mike and Tootka are to be commended for putting on such a big thing as the UWC. Thanks for getting the order out quick for me. I'll be looking for it tomorrow...!!! May peace and love be with you...!!!
    Hey! Thanks for the kind words! You gonna be at UWC? If so, I will be there too! I got your uke out in the nic of time! I saw the order come in at 2 and thought, "I so want to see if I can get this out today!" Haha! Luckily it was ready to go in every way. Kind of my own personal challenge to get it out as quick as possible. Now for the wait ;)! But if it is not there on Friday, I would be SHOCKED!
    Thanks for the link to the guys playing their CBG's and the girl singing--I think they must be amplified. :) Still, very very beautiful!
    I am going to Maui tomorrow, and plan on visiting Mele Ukulele in Maui. I am interested in the Guitarlele, and wondered how you like yours now that you have had it awhile. I noticed that they now are offering a few more slightly larger versions, based on the Martin Parlor guitar. I don't know if I want to go that big, but I will be interested to test one out.
    Thanks Mike, I'm going to plan on coming. I'll look forward to seeing you again then if I don't get to Nashville before next year.
    I love the "Jimmy Page" Dano I can see over your shoulder in your vids. I have a 56-U2 and adore it. I'll bet those 59-DCs are fun too.
    I agree, they lack details, and they could also have sound samples. These are the things that will help them with sales. It should be something thay pay a little more attention to, and they could generate more business.
    Wow, that sounded great! How long is the guitarlele and how wide is it? How did you like the sound when it was tuned EADGBE. Did you just tune it up using the same strings, or did you switch strings? I love how your dogs settled down when you started playing. Thanks for making the quick video!
    That would be great. Do you have some decent video equipment? I would love to see a video review from you, or a sound sample!
    Thanks for Subscribing to my YouTube videos!
    When do you expect to see your new Guitarlele? I haven't heard any audio samples for them (you would think they would add that to their website).
    A miracle happened . . . yesterday I started playing the B chord almost everytime. What a relief. TODAY the whole hand keeps cramping on me. So this is how is happens, you get VERY frustrated for a LONG time and then . . . PING . . . you can do it.
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