Caramel CB305 Spruce Baritone
-Tuned CGBE

Gold Tone Banjola - 5th drone x string tunable c thru G with .011"
-Tuned xCGBE

Ohana BKT-70G Spruce Bari-Tenor
Ohana PKT-25G Solid Mahogany
Kamehameha SP-10 (Soprano)
-All Tenors + SP-10 Tuned cGBE

Luna VM Pineapple (not tattoo) Soprano (1st foray into Mandolin GDAE tuning)
Caramel CS419 Mahogany Soprano
Flight TU-55 Mango Soprano
Ohana VK-70R (Raucous, but I love it!)
-All Sopranos Tuned GDAE

Caramel CB402 Mahogany Baritone
- 1 octave below Mandolin GDAE

Fender Squire VM Mustang Bass with Bronco neck
- Standard tuned EADG

DJ'ing+Barn/Contra/Square Dancing
Far North Central Illinois
Never too old to learn.


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