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  • FYI-Broadway let me down just a bit. They only had a black dolphin and a couple kala and lanika selections. Though they did have a pretty lanikai 8 string tenor. A pretty nice resonator but nothing we couldn't get cheaper from MGM online. Plus MGM usually offers cases and upgrades the strings. MGM is the way to go for sure ;)

    Play on!
    I think I must have bought my Lanikai Concert there (Portland Music) a few years ago. I think I've pretty much decided against a concert size--I reach for my little Makala Dolphin more than anything right now and like the size. I was impressed playing the Ohana's and have two models on order (since I teach--my UAS goes through vacation stages! HA HA! Got to get back to work so I can stop buying ukes!)

    The flea is cute, built to knock around, and LOUD. But certainly not an instrument I'd always reach for. Again, my pink Dolphin gets played more than any other, I love it so.

    Thanks for the tip about Apple. I'll have to haunt them.:eek:
    Hi There:

    Yep, just got the bug although I bought my first uke in Christmas 07. For some reason, this year it just hit me hard, I'm ramping up the uke search for ones I like, and am really glad I found this forum and the info on it, since, as you know, we are limited here on our in-store uke inventory!

    Here's what I've found so far:

    Artichioke (on Hawthorne in SE): Fleas/Flukes, reasonable selection. Currently a Sprucetree which I was kind of unimpressed with, and a Makla Tenor.

    Pioneer (On Stark): Ohana, a Kiyawa, and some vintage Martins. Spendy. Same intstrument $75 cheaper from MGM, including the shipping. I like to support local business but Pioneer makes it hard by making it clear that you can drop dead if you ask for a break in the price. Unfortunate because they are nice guys.

    How about you? What are you playing?
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