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  • hey woodshed, do you by any chance know what happened to Soko?

    thanks for your work on UkeHunt!
    I don't personally know you, i just LOVe ukulelehunt. It is just brilliant.
    I of course play the Uke myslef, and the Melodica, so i am a bbig fan of GUGUG.
    I bow down to thee and thank you for your services to the ukulele nation.
    We took the kids to this hokey hotel water park called the Great Wolf Lodge in the Erie Lake town of Sandusky, OH. The kids had fun and I survived. I would have preferred to hit the Bushman ukulele festival in Southern Indiana, but I don't always get my way.
    Tee-hee! I went away on a holiday to come back and find you on one! I hope you're enjoying yourself somewhere lovely.
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