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    Caution to UU people buying/selling on a WTB ad

    I’ll just add that having recently interacted with Brock (I sold him my Moore Bettah at a fair market price we were both happy with) I found him to polite, honest, prompt to pay and highly enthusiastic about high-end ukes. Based on my experience, no-one at UU need have any concerns dealing with him.
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    FYI new Moore Bettah auction at HMS

    This is not my instrument but I know new Moore Bettah ukes always attract attention here. Bidding opened at US$9,000 on 7 June and is already up to $11,525 at this time, with 5 days to go. These decorated ones are undoubtedly brilliant craftsmanship and seem to attact eye-watering prices...
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    FS Pono baritone, spruce-top cutaway Baggs pickup

    A GREAT SOUND, A GREAT BUY A very desirable spruce-top rosewood body Pono pro-classic baritone (RBC-PC-S) cutaway, fitted with Grover tuners and Baggs 5.0 pickup. Purchased new in 2015 from Hawaii Music Supply, with their full set-up. Nice low action, minor cosmetic bumps and scuffs (see...
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    For sale: Kanilea Platinum Super-Concert w. dual pickup

    This is a truly beautiful instrument to look at, to hold and to play. Purchased by me direct from Kanilea in 2017, factory-fitted dual pickup. Super Concert (concert body, tenor neck). Excellent condition. No flaws, no dings/scratches etc. meticulously cared for, humidified, non-smoker etc...
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    WTB: KoAloha KSM-T2 Tenor Neck Soprano

    Pickup preferred. Must be in good condition. I’m in Australia- happy to pay international postage.
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    Moore Bettah tenor - offers please?

    UPDATE: Moore Bettah tenor for sale **UPDATED** PRICE DROP Hi, I'm now selling this beautiful and superbly built Moore Bettah tenor uke. It is a joy to play, a delight to hold and see, and a real pleasure to hear - another of Chuck Moore's masterworks. The price is US$5,500. Includes hard case...
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    Kani Ka Pila Klip for cheat sheet

    Hi folks - I’ve been searching high and low without success for this product, which seems to no longer be in production. Anyone know where I can get say 20 of them for my uke group please? Otherwise does anyone know of a similar product? It’s a lightweight clear-plastic jointed clip-on with a...
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    Rare Southcoast Music super-concert, Shadow active pickup + case

    Many UU members will be familiar with high-quality Southcoast uke strings, produced for many years by the late Dirk Wormhoudt, of the Southcoast Ukulele & Guitar Company in New Orleans, Louisiana. For a time, Dirk teamed up with Omar Corrales - a master Spanish guitar luthier from Costa Rica -...
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    Asturias super-concert; slotted headstock; cutaway; Bagges pickup + deluxe hardcase

    I'm keen to sell this beauty (I just got married - expenses to cover!), so please if anyone who truly appreciates a great quality uke is lurking, please make an offer ASAP or forever hold your peace - then it's reluctantly off to eBay for me! Just reminding you...
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    Asturias super-concert; slotted headstock; cutaway; Bagges pickup + deluxe hardcase

    **UPDATE** I was asking around $US$1,400 here on UU marketplace but got no solid offers. I went to eBay and to be open and upfront, the best of several offers was $US900 + postage. I didn't and wouldn't take so little for an instrument of this quality. I accept that this market may be soft...
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    Archtop Uke or Mandolele Wanted

    I have a very beautiful blonde Chennell archtop tenor, with pickup, that I must sell to reduce the unintentional growth of my collection! Maple, spruce and rosewood, with Chennell hard case. Bought new from Toby Chennell in 2014, still in excellent condition. As tenors go, it is modest in depth...
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    G'day from Woy Woy, Australia

    Hello to all UU members and thanks for having me - although Groucho Marx did warn that he would not join any club that would accept him as a member! I'm recently retired to a quiet village community on the Central Coast of NSW. The town of Woy Woy has been the butt of many jokes over the years...
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    Introduction from England

    Hi Mads, and welcome - I'm new here as well. I live in Australia and have been playing uke since 2006 - and the love affair shows no sign of fading! I have a beautiful archtop that I bought in 2014 from Toby Chennell at Jazz Box Ukes, mentioned above in this thread. Toby gives each instrument an...