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    Anyone play Kalimba?

    Congratulations for your new toy. In some China Kalimba forums, it's known that Gecko has bad sustain on high pitch notes. Mine is another China brand, Walter, 21 keys, which is known that has better sustain than Gecko, though I didn't compare it because I didn't play Gecko before. Good luck to...
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    Server error on notification in mobile version

    I can approve this problem is solved.
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    can i put c string instead of g string to make low-g tuning

    As Graham pointed out, you can rotate the strings and change the pitch to make a high G set to Low G. D'Addario EJ65TLG (note the LG) is Low G string. It's Nylon and the C string is pretty thick (thicker than 1mm), be sure it can fit the nut slot. I suggest you'd better looking for Low G strings...
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    When you see or reply an old thread, please check if it's bumped by spammer

    Don't feel guilty. Some spammers are so tricky that a lot of us won't notice them. To explain why they do so, here is how they work I guess (but most likely I will be right). 1. The spammers don't intend to reply to old threads, they may reply to any threads. 2. They search for threads that...
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    When you see or reply an old thread, please check if it's bumped by spammer

    Seems it's so often that an old thread is popped up by a spammer, and the other users start to reply to the thread. Some threads are quite old (some are more than 10 years old) and the information is completely out of date. Before you are replying to an old thread, please check below list to...
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    Sealing inside the box

    This thread is bumped up by spammer forsythan. Seems nobody reported him. I just reported. Please be sure to check if an old thread is bumped by spammer before you reply.
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    Thoughts on free living?!

    I admire your so free life style
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    Roy Sakuma recovering from Heart surgery

    That is definitely spam and I reported it yesterday, seems it got deleted after half a day. There is a link in the last word, though the forum doesn't show the link very well. Please note: the spammers usually have no interesting in selling us (the users on the forum) anything or getting us to...
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    Anyone play Kalimba?

    I bought a Kalimba, then I find I love Ukulele more...
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    Music theory -- Baritone and Low G key signature conversion table

    I clearly remember there were two new replies from different users here, and seems they were gone. What happened?
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    When I replace the string, I always take some photos of the Ukulele, from different view. In case there is anything wrong and I forget what it looked like before, I can check the photos. :cool:
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    Aaron/anaka fixed my VIP account.

    Seems the admin fixes the problem for the users one by one. I'm wondering if it's possible to write a script to do the fix.
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    I can see the desire for more than one

    Nothing wrong to stick with Low G and transfer your Guitar skills there. There are many people do so -- they play Guitar before, then they play Low G, and arrange Guitar music for Ukulele. If you only want to experiment Low G, just replace the 4th string on your current Ukulele and try. Strings...
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    I can see the desire for more than one

    Ask yourself, can you split your time on several Ukulele? For me, the answer is no. A single Low G Ukulele already makes me practicing endless and still need much more time to be good enough. I can't share my love/time on another Ukulele. Also since you talked about Low G. Though the Low G...
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    Ukulele Time Youtube Channel

    Ukulele Time is my favorite channel too. Another similar channel is MK Guitar 'n Uke, all Low G and quite guitar style.