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    NUD: Tkitki Eco+ soprano

    Beautiful instrument! I’m glad to know about the brand. Nice playing, too.
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    Dr, Is there any hope?

    Lovely collection. I wish more people would post a group photo. Who is this Scott Wise of whom you speak? Sorry for your loss.
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    New Martin ukes

    The dude abides
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    Martin T1 Streetmaster Tenor

    Oh sure, I didn’t think about that. You did a good job of describing, they all sound good.
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    Martin T1 Streetmaster Tenor

    How would you compare the three Martins? Is the Streetmaster made in Mexico?
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    Dave Talsma Custom Pineapple Soprano for Sale

    Thanks! Hope you find it.
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    What’s your ukulele “hot take”?

    This is where used ukuleles come in.
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    Considering mid to high end sopranos

    You might want to change the title of the post to better reflect what you’re looking for. Get more bites that way. I’m interested too
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    Kiwaya KT-3 Info Request

    The easiest thing to do would be to write to Kiwaya and ask them. They’ve always answered my questions quickly.
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    My how you have changed! We are a bad influence.
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    Four Bird On A Wire Ukes

    Wow! Beautiful and creative! And the size I like best.
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    Looking to donate A few dozen new Makala shark and dolphin Ukuleles

    You’d be hard pressed to find a better project than Survivor Girl.
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    New 2022 Martin C1 Concert Ukulele - Natural , Now in Stock

    He said the core of the C1 is khaya—African mahogany. I don’t like the laser etching, but that’s just me. I think when something like that filters up from cheap Asian imports to Martins, whether made in Mexico or the US, one can safely say it’s now mainstream. If you need a laminate ukulele, it...
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    Which Enya Nova uke would you buy?

    I’ve had all three, thanks to various sales at Amazon. I kept the concert. To me it sounded the best and played the easiest. I thought I’d like the tenor best, wanted to like it best, but just didn’t. The metal frets are nice, but didn’t make up for the sound and playability.
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    Kapu Series Archtop

    That’s in an entirely new realm. I don’t know where to begin! The inlays are so beautiful, but wait, the tiki god, how’d you do that? And the finish, and construction! Never seen anything like it. What do you think about the process? Do you think you’ll make more that way? Just wow.