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  1. Danyo Cummings

    Teeth (Warning: Not intended for children)

    I just watched this movie last night. If you like out-of-the-box horror films you might enjoy this. Warning: This movie is pretty nasty and could be used as birthcontrol, which is why i put the warning in the thread title. Here's the trailer:
  2. Danyo Cummings

    Scorpion vs. Batman?!?!

    Incase you haven't already seen/heard about this... here's Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe:
  3. Danyo Cummings

    Guitar Hero?

    I was talking to Aldrine a few days ago and he mentioned this theory he has about ukulele/guitar players with exceptional skills playing like garbage when it comes to Guitar Hero. I know there's really no connection between the two but it's kinda interesting and i thought i'd find out how many...