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    Ukulele Video Please Help Me!!!

    So I got this and I would appreciate a watch from one and all!!! Give it a thumbs up too!! I am so far behind it is unlikely to win but who knows!! Also if you email them at your choice as mine being it Ken O. that would be great help too!!! Thanks!! Enjoy...
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    Thomas Sweets in Skillman NJ

    Hey join us at Thomas Sweets next Wednesday, here is more info at meetup.
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    Morristown Uke Jam

    So anybody located in Northern NJ should come by and check this out this next Wednesday. Its our first official meetup. So anyone of any skill level be sure to stop by!
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    MY KSS2013 Song enjoy it!

    Here is a song I made in a karaoke Secret santa I do yearly. I made it on crunch time so there are a few mistakes. Enjoy!
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    Karaoke Secret Santa

    so 2 years ago I joined a Karaoke Secret Santa using my ukulele to sing the song. Last year I convinced another ukester to join this year I hope more will!! It is super fun to do! Join it here by 12/1 all you do is upload a song on 12/24 for the person you get. It can be a song they have in...
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    Just found this

    Check it out pretty cool
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    Nud uusotu70

    So here is my new uke I just got. Well it's new to me at least. That's right a one and only Krabbers ukulele! Also Krabbers badge and CD!! All won on the Seasons of the Ukulele week 70. Thanks Mike!
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    Haddonfield today and tomorrow

    Hey UUers I am in Haddonfield at the annual art show today and tomorrow. I brought my sopranino if you want to jam and I can if I am not busy selling my glass. Stop by and say hi!! Here till 7 pm tonight!!
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    Bad Moon Rising

    So went for a hike at Jockey Hollow. Site of the continental army in the 1780's to 1790's. I came to the soldiers huts and recorded were playing in the huts this time round.
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    I Will Wait

    So here is a video I made up check it out!!!
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    I Will Wait-Mumford and Sons

    Check out my video And vote
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    NUD Tiwi Ukulele

    After winning the Uke for a kid contest in December, John has completed our prize!! It was totally worth the wait!! Summer is so happy with her new ukulele thanks a lot John!! Lookout for the next ukulele superstar!!
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    Endless Summer

    So I have been trying to figure out this tab for this easy song... Its the theme to a great Surf film 'The Endless Summer' any help thanks...
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    Meetup in Central NJ!

    Hey just wanted to pur it out there if anyone is not busy tonight stop by Thomas Sweets on Rt 206 in Skillman NJ for a ukulele meetup!! heres the exact details! Join at 6:30 start to jam at 7pm!!
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    Island Style

    Heres a video I made up, it was first time I multitracked several ukes. Enjoy.
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    What is KSS? It is Karaoke Secret Santa!! Karaoke Secret Santa is a project devised by Joseph in 2009 to bring Christmas cheer to the new friends he'd made all over the world via social networking. Basically, it's like a normal Secret Santa gift exchange - except the "gifts" are YouTube...
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    As Tear Go By

    Here is another featuring the hammered dulcimer!
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    Here is Kids, played by a ukulele band I am in this past weekend at a harvest festival! Enjoy!
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    Dead Flowers

    So here is a real rough version I did of Rolling Stones Dead Flowers, enjoy!!
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    An attempt at a marley Cover!

    Here is an attempt at my cover of 3 Little Birds! Thanks for watching!