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  1. marcocolo

    2015 Takumi TC-3C Concert Koa

    SOLD!!!! Need to sell my beloved (but rarely played) Takumi Concert TC-3C that I got from HMS. Bought on the advise of Andrew after extensive discussions. It's truly a wonderful instrument - lovely to look at and play. Designed by master builder Yusuke Kawakami. His ukes are some of the most...
  2. marcocolo

    Lovely Kamaka Koa Concert

    SOLD!! Just about perfect condition. I'll let the pics describe the uke. Date stamp is Dec. 2004. This uke has that Hawaiian koa sound in spades. There's a reason that it was George Harrison's favorite uke! Comes w/ the hard case. I did add the Gotah UPT tuners. What an improvement!! If you...
  3. marcocolo

    Favilla Soprano

    Bought this a couple years ago from the original owner. He bought new in the mid 50's. Has a few dinks and some rub through the finish on the back (see pic). Glorious Favilla sound. Tuners work perfectly. All in all in good structural shape and looks cute too. Will include the new (but a bit...
  4. marcocolo

    Smallest soprano hard case??

    What's the smallest thing out there that provides enough protection for me to feel comfortable carrying my Sam Chang on a plane w/ me? Thanks all.
  5. marcocolo

    Concert with low G string help

    I'm thinking of turning one of my concerts into a low G. I just ordered a Fremont wound string from HMS on Andrew's recommendation. I'm just wondering which of these sets would blend best with the Fremont? I've got on hand: Oasis warm Aquila Supernylgut Martin M600 Worth clears Worth Brown...
  6. marcocolo

    FS- David S. Gill Pineapple Concert

    Got this a few months ago in my must buy to hear search for what I think I want. The disadvantage of living in the sticks. I actually really like this uke but Andrew at HMS helped talk me into a $$$$ gem. And I just got a Kamaka too so this has to go. This Gill is very articulate and has...
  7. marcocolo

    I'm that lucky guy!!

    Jake at Antebellum is a great guy. I just got this and Jake set her up!
  8. marcocolo

    Which strings on vintage ukes??

    Hi all. I'm an only 2 month player living in the sticks of Iowa. When you live where I do it's impossible to try before you buy. So, life is short and I've bought a few and I've come to realize I really love the "mojo" of early 1900's ukuleles. My question is: these old ukuleles originally came...
  9. marcocolo

    Favilla owners please help!!

    Today I became the owner of a really sweet 1950's Favilla soprano. The guy I got it from said he thought the strings on it could be the originals (his dad bought the uke new back in the day). I don't know if they are the originals but they are old. Can you all tell me what are good strings for...
  10. marcocolo

    Replacing geared w/ friction tuners

    Tried in another board but got no response. Perhaps I'll get help here. I've got a lovely custom pineapple concert that came w/ Grover geared tuners. Work great, look wrong on this uke. I don't mind friction but don't know what will work in my case. This uke has 11/32" peg holes and the...
  11. marcocolo

    Swapping out Tuning Machines

    Hi all. Recently got a great little custom pineapple concert that will be a keeper. Only thing is I just hate the look of the Grover "Mickey Mouse ears" tuning machines the builder used. Yes they work nice and are not too heavy. They just don't look right in my eyes. So, can anyone help me...
  12. marcocolo

    Anything else sound like a Kamaka Pineapple?

    Title says it all. I've fallen in love w/ the sound of the Kanaka but not the prices! Thanks.