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    Texture of Aquila Red- current version

    First, let me say I really like Aquila Reds and what Mimmo is doing at Aquila. I will try Sugars on my next Strings by Mail order. They look interesting. My question…..what is the texture of the most recent versions of Aquila Reds. I have high G set on my Tenor Fluke……and decided to try a...
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    Crossrock 400 hybrid ukulele cases

    Does anyone know if they still make these. They had abs hard plastic, zipper to close and nice plush insides. Videos show someone kicking the enclosed Uke and case down a flight of stairs. They looked very solid and we’re described as a hybrid hard case. I would be interested in getting one...
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    WTB or trade for Pono MGTP

    If you have a pineapple satin mango tenor by Pono, I’d be interesting in buying or trading my Tenor Fluke with Pegheds, extra poly fretboard, tuner and gig bag! Good condition but some marks on soundboard considered minor. If you have gloss version of Pineapple tenor I’d still talk and throw...
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    Flurocarbon Low g options

    I’m wondering what is out there for Low g single string that are unwound fluro. Aquila Red comes to mind first. I think Oasis make a Low g set with a fluro g but don’t know if it’s sold as single. What are you folks using and recommending, I’m going to make an order soon with Strings by...
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    Dewdrop ukulele…thought after awning and playing it!

    Very interested in this ukulele and comments from users on sound volume and how lite it is! I inquired about a tenor last and I’m sure pandemic did away with that. Now, I’m thinking I might try my first concert. How does it feel in you hands size wise for playing? I wish there were more...
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    5 string set up questions

    So, I got an Inexpensive but very nice playing five string tenor. It came with low G on the top string and high g on the bottom of the 4th string position. That was horrible, all I heard was Low G drone, so I swapped. Now it sounds better. I can play my high g songs by picking top outside...
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    How to fix a ping onMagic Fluke poly fretboard

    My tenor Fluke has an annoying ping when I bend a string on 1st or second string. Currently ukulele is strung with Oasis Fluro warms strings. I went thru the MFC appreciation thread. It seems the problem is a nic or indentation on the zero fret on the poly fretboard. When you bend string...
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    Martin T1

    Has anyone played one ina shop or own one. I
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    Differences between Aquila strings

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    Tune half step down and string tension

    Lately, the whole question on string tension and sound has creeped back into my Uke collection. It stared with a solid top mahogany five string
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    Is wood fretboard worth it on fluke

    Specifically, I have Fluke with poly fretboard
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    Shank Harrison signatrure tenor ukulele,

    Ok, up front I
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    Aklot bamboo tenor nut width

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    Tiny Tenor 5 string?

    Just pulled out my TT soiled spruce top, laminate mahogany sides. I had it strung in high G for a long time....then switched it to Low g. It sure sings a lot better in low g. That got me I
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    Sorry for above mistake post. I had a nice post all written up on my iPad, them bam, must of hit something and it was all gone....... I
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    Magic Fluke with wooden keyboard?

    I’d like to know players comments on wooden fretboard on Fluke. I have a tenor Fluke with poly keyboard. Is is worth either a.) sending in to get one put on or b.) better to sell what I got and re order with solid keyboard. Anybody take the laminate base model soundboard route but at time of...
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    Nut width on Grand tenor and comments from owners

    Can anyone confirm the Nut width on the all solid wood Grand Tenors by Romero Creations! Also, comments from owners on how they like this ukulele and perhaps wood choices. I see from Uke republic that they still have a solid top/ laminate Grand tenor and list nut width as 1.5”. I assume the...
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    HMS Pigeon Tree POD cast

    First, thank you HMS for this pod cast. You expose the Uke community to great ukuleles and educate us on tone, wood, playing styles while doing so. Great pod cast. Fantastic ukuleles from Pigeon Tree. Second, than you Mika and Corey for some great playing. You both made these ukuleles sing...
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    Comments on Homestead tenor from owners

    I’m interested in comments from owners who have purchased Bonanza’s Homestead tenors. What wood choices. How do you like it’s sound. What tuners did you go with. Oreo owners also welcome to comment. I like the idea of homestead line. Have you played with different strings. Is it best...