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  1. Steedy

    NUD: Collings Koa Tenor

    I ordered a Collings UT2K from Artisan Guitars in July 2020, and it finally arrived after a six-month wait. The timing was great actually, because I sold a uke just last week which helped cover the cost. This Collings Tenor sounds amazingly sweet, clear and resonant. I'm gonna love this jewel...
  2. Steedy

    NUD: Kanile'a KSR-TP

    I've had my eye out for a Kanile'a KSR Tenor uke for awhile, so I recently pounced on a KSR-TP model at The Ukulele Site, and I just want to give a shout-out to the fine folks there who helped me with the purchase. It was right after the new site went live, and I was having a bit of trouble...
  3. Steedy

    NUD - KoAloha KTM-00

    I just received a new KoAloha Tenor from The Ukulele Site. Andrew and his crew did their usual bang-up job of filling my order, with a super setup and amazing packing & shipping! This is a 2020 model KTM-00 which has the new body shape KoAloha introduced last year, so I just wanted to say a...
  4. Steedy

    Sweet Caroline - uke group

    I jam sometimes with a local uke group called the Donelson Ukesters. We recently played as part of a Neil Diamond tribute show at a senior living facility, and it seemed to go over pretty well. I'm the one in front, singing off key: :cool:
  5. Steedy

    Great-sounding Kanile'a Tenor at HMS

    I ran across this Kanile'a Tenor (S/N 19996) in stock at, and I've been jonesing for it bad. If I hadn't already been splurging on ukes lately, I'd buy it and load another $2k on my credit card. Judging by the video, it might be the best-sounding Kanile'a I've heard yet, or...
  6. Steedy

    NID Moon Bird uke and Fly Bird guitar

    NID: Moon Bird uke and Fly Bird guitar This might be a new category: New Instruments Day! Recently, the stars aligned and two new aNueNue instruments, uke and guitar, came into my life. It started late one night about three weeks ago. I was playing on Facebook and noticed a new post by Hawaii...
  7. Steedy

    Anuenue MN214 Fly Bird guitar

    I was poking around the Anuenue web site and found a short-scale nylon string guitar called the MN214 Fly Bird. With a solid Moon Spruce top and solid Rosewood back & sides, it looks like a big brother to the Moon Bird ukuleles. Nut width is 48 mm and the scale length is 610 mm. Very...
  8. Steedy

    January Uke Jam Videos

    For the past few months, I've been leading a monthly ukulele jam session at Lane Music in Brentwood, TN (USA) which is a Nashville suburb. Here's some videos from our latest jam on Saturday, 5-Jan-2019. As you can see, a good time was had by all! A group photo of some tired but happy...
  9. Steedy

    NUD: Blackbird Farallon

    My new Blackbird Farallon uke arrived on Friday, 7-Dec-2018, and so far I've just been noodling around on it and letting the strings settle in. The strings are Oasis Warms with a Low G, by the way. I ordered it directly from Blackbird Guitars with the gloss sunburst finish, front position...
  10. Steedy

    My latest mug shot

    Does this hat make me look like Ken Middleton? :)
  11. Steedy

    Taimane in Nashville

    I went to hear Taimane Gardner at the City Winery in Nashville, TN (USA), and she was fabulous of course. She and her backup band put on a great show, but I couldn't help wondering what happened to Jazzy, her former guitar player. Does anyone know why Jazzy Jazz no longer plays guitar for...
  12. Steedy

    'Ashokan Farewell' and 'Wallflower' open mic

    Here's a video someone shot of me playing open mic at the first-ever Rocket City Ukulele Festival in Huntsville, AL, on 5-May-2018. I was using my KoAloha Tenor and Kala Baritone ukes. Hey, I'm a ukulele player. Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't sing! :cool:
  13. Steedy

    Recent photos

    Pics of old Steedy at a couple of recent open mic nights. In the first one, I'm playing my Kamaka Tenor ukulele, and in the second I'm playing my Martin D-Jr guitar. There's another open mic next week, and I'm planning to perform one song with the uke and one on guitar.
  14. Steedy

    NUD - Kala Mahogany Baritone

    I haven't done a New Uke Day post in quite a while, but I just purchased a lovely Kala Baritone uke, and thought I would share a few photos, and sing the praises of Andrew and all the folks at This is my first Baritone ukulele and it feels pretty special. I never wanted a...
  15. Steedy

    You don't need a fancy ukulele

    Today was such a beautiful morning that I decided to sit outside and do a little front porch picking. I was sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee and a metallic blue Makala Dolphin, and I realized that little uke has an amazingly sweet tone. I thought "this is really all you need." :)
  16. Steedy

    FS: Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britian tickets, Thu. Oct. 8

    I bought tickets back in January to see the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain next week but I'm not going after all, so I have FOR SALE two tickets to the UOGB concert in Bloomington, Indiana on Thursday, October 8. The tickets are for the Orchestra level, Row C, Seats 205 & 206, which should...
  17. Steedy

    Took my ukulele to guitar class

    I've been taking a local guitar class that meets on Monday nights. It's a small group and each week we learn and play two songs together. Last week I brought my Kanilea Concert ukulele to class, just to keep 'em off balance. :) I sat down with my Kanilea in a circle with five other guitar...
  18. Steedy

    Oasis Strings 30% Off

    This was mentioned in a previous thread which I cannot locate, but has got 30% off Oasis ukulele strings through the end of this month (March 2015, that is). Just thought some of us might be interested.
  19. Steedy

    Changing strings with bridge pins

    Recently, I changed strings on a ukulele with bridge pins for the first time. I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure how to remove the bridge pins or how to secure the new strings, but it turned out to be a piece of cake. Once I removed the old strings at the headstock, the bridge...
  20. Steedy

    Test vid

    Test sound sample deleted. Help, how do I delete this thread?