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    A DeVine Ukulele event with Kimo Hussey

    Aloha everyone! I've been away for a while busy making sawdust, but I want to share with you about an upcoming event. The DeVine Ukulele Event with Kimo Hussey -will be the first ever of its kind. A Very special, exclusive four 4 day ukulele retreat. Guests will enjoy a first class all...
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    New DeVine videos and pics

    Here are a couple videos and pics facilitated by fellow uker Len. Thanks buds, I owe you a beer.
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    A few DeVine tenors headed out to UU members.

    These are a few ukes I just finished that will find homes with fellow UU members. Hop you like 'em guys!
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    New Cuban Mahogany DeVine Tenor.

    Well, it's not finished yet but it is headed into the spray booth. Heres a few pics and you can see the rest here.
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    A few new ukes

    A few new DeVine ukes Just wanted to share a few new ukes I just finished up. Enjoy!
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    Sisters (a pair of new ukes)

    Heres a couple of new ukes getting ready for some lacquer. The first of my new vine inlay. The bridge will probably get some matching inlay too... not sure yet.
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    Ukuleles sights in Spain and Portugal?

    I'm off to see the birthplace of the ukulele, Portugal. I will be headed to Spain and Portugal in May and would love to get some recommendations on music related things to do and see. Luthier towns, Flamenco dancing, ect. We will be flying into Madrid and staying in the southern half of both...
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    A couple new ukes

    Just a couple new ukes that are headed out into the world. You can see more about these ukes on
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    Custom rosettes and purfling

    Aloha uke builders! I am testing the waters here... I will be making my custom rosettes and purfling available to other builders. This is the first design and there will be more to come. Let me know what you think. Price will be $25 per stick of purfling (takes 2 per top) and $65 per rosette...
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    Where does the time go?

    I have been building like a mad man and realized I haven't been spending much time with my friends at UU. Figured I'd just throw out a big aloha for the holiday season!
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    Brazilian Rosewood anyone?

    Here's a little tenor I just finished. Can't think of anything that makes me happier than Brazilian rosewood and redwood top!!!
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    New Baritone

    Well, here it is. The new Muse baritone. Hope you like. You can see the rest of the pics and some other ukes from this batch on my site
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    ...And for my next trick!

    ...And for my next trick, I will sawing a beautiful woman in half.
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    Where did the "What's new" button for the forum go?

    Where did the "What's new" button for the forum go? I thought that was one of the best links on the site. It keeps you from having to search through each area separately.
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    Bridge inlay

    Let's see some bridge inlay work! I just finished a couple of bridges, and I don't usually do inlay on them so I figured I'd give it a go.
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    Sincerest form of flattery

    They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Look familiar?
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    Purflex purfling and backstrips

    Just thought I would share my thoughts on this Purflex stuff. I just finished my second uke with the purflex strips and purfling and have to say that I really like the stuff. There is a bit of a learning curve and I would not recommend it to an unseasoned builder, but it sure is pretty stuff...
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    Time for a new baritone?

    In the last year I had introduced the new tenor Muse model, I really enjoyed the tone and it has become as or more popular than my Kasha model. So, here is the Muse baritone! I've been trying some new appointments out with this uke to see how I like them. I will be routing binding channels in...
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    Our trip to Thailand

    A big thanks to our new friends Peng of Baan Ukulele, Nanthiya and his girlfriend June and Asada of Ribbee Ukulele for making the Thailand Ukulele Festival 2012 a trip we will never forget. Along with My wife Krystal DeVine, Kimo Hussey, Dan Ryerson and many others, we are already looking...
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    Walk off the earth... these guys are incredible!

    These guys aren't a full ukulele band but they do have uke in just about all of there songs. I like them a lot and just thought I would share.