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  1. erivel

    William, It Was Really Nothing - The Smiths

    Haven’t posted on this part of the forum in a while. Here’s a Smiths song I just recorded with my brother. Enjoy!
  2. erivel

    FS: Mya Moe Myrtle Tenor and Baritone

    Both ukes are sold, thanks! I am putting up my two Mya Moe ukes for sale. I love them, but I'm playing more acoustic guitar these days and have too many ukes as it is. ***Please note that both the tenor and the baritone have 1.5 inch nut widths. They don't feel that much wider than standard...
  3. erivel

    Close 2 Me - Original Song On a Mya Moe Baritone

    Hey everyone! Haven't posted in a while. Haven't been playing much these days. I was excited to get to write and record this song this morning. Enjoy! :)
  4. erivel

    If You Believe In Me (Original song on a Mya Moe baritone)

    Hello everyone, It's been a while since I made a ukulele video. Here's a gospel tune I wrote, played on my new MM baritone #1691. Hope you enjoy! :)
  5. erivel

    Looking For A Single Worth Clear Low G String

    Hoping someone has an extra Worth clear low G string they don't need. Will gladly pay if you are willing to part with one or can trade you one of my various wound Low G strings. Thanks!
  6. erivel

    Set of 4 Enclosed Chrome Machine Head Ukulele Tuners

    Hopefully someone out there will need these for a project or has a bad tuner that needs to be replaced. Took these off my Lanikai tenor. Nothing wrong with them, I just replaced them with ones that have ebony tuning keys. Most likely made in Asia. Not sure of the tuning ratio. Comes with 4...
  7. erivel

    Unexpected NUD: Lanikai CKTU-T TunaUke Curly Koa Tenor

    Unexpected NUD: Lanikai CKTU-T Curly Koa TunaUke Tenor So I walked into the Starving Musician in Berkeley to specifically look at a Seagull acoustic guitar. Then I saw this uke on the wall with this crazy looking bridge. Never heard of the TunaUke before. I thought an adjustable saddle on a...
  8. erivel

    Sleep Walk (Santo & Johnny Cover)

    Posted this over on the Season 136 thread for 50's week. A collab with my brother Cave who is playing the lead on a baritone using a slide. Enjoy!
  9. erivel

    A new original song played on my new Mya-Moe

    This is a new song I wrote about the hardships of being a dad. It's the first song I've recorded with my new Mya-Moe Myrtle tenor(#1476). The melody came to me in a dream. My wife says it sounds like Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song...I say Bah, humbug! Hope you enjoy! :)
  10. erivel

    NUD Mya-Moe Tenor Classic!!

    Sorry this is going to be a short post...just wanted to share my excitement with you! I was at work when the uke was delivered. I didn't get home until after midnight, so I couldn't spend much time with it. Man it is beautiful in person and sounds lovely! Curly Myrtle tenor with a 1.5 inch...
  11. erivel

    You Never Give Me Your Money - Beatles Cover

    Just wanted to share this video I posted over on Season 114 of the Ukulele. My brother on mandolin. Enjoy!
  12. erivel

    Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey - Beatles Cover

    Here's a fun Beatles cover done on a Pono MB baritone and a coffee mug. Posted over on Season 112 of the ukulele for this week. Enjoy! :)
  13. erivel

    FS: Bushman Woodsman Tenor

    ***UKE IS SOLD THANKS!*** Hello UU! Putting my recently acquired Bushman Woodsman Tenor up for sale. This is a newer uke with a 2013 build date stamped in the sound hole label. Here's Bushman's story about the uke from the Bushman website: "In 2009 we got an opportunity to buy some very...
  14. erivel

    FS: David Newton Long Neck Concert

    ***SOLD, THANKS!*** Hello Folks! Selling my David Newton Long Neck Concert. I purchased this from David last year. It's a beautiful Honduras Mahogany Concert Uke with a 16 inch long scale. It's sort of a hybrid length: 1 inch shorter than a true tenor and 1 inch longer than a true concert...
  15. erivel

    She's Leaving Home - Beatles Cover On An Outdoor Uke

    Just posted this on the 105th Season of the Ukulele thread. Played on an Outdoor uke, which sounds pretty ok…at least to my ears. :) Enjoy!
  16. erivel

    Brass In Pocket - The Pretenders Baritione Uke Cover

    Posted over on the 93rd Season of the Uke. Played on a Pono MB Baritone. Enjoy!
  17. erivel

    FS: Kamaka HF-1 Soprano With Stock Geared Tuners

    I've had this beautiful little uke for over a year now. Purchased new from my local dealer. Chose this one among the four HF-1's he had in stock because it sounded the best. It also has a really nice curly figuring to the Koa top and back and sports a lovely light honey color. Came stock...
  18. erivel

    Genius of Love - Tom Tom Club Cover

    Posted on Season 91 of the Ukulele thread. Quietly played on a Pono baritone...enjoy! :)
  19. erivel

    They Don't Know - Tracey Ullman 80's Cover

    Here's another one I did with Kevin (Cave). One of my favs that I always wanted to learn on the uke. Enjoy! :)
  20. erivel

    I Was Made For Lovin' You - KISS Cover

    Here's one I did with my brother for Season 88 of the Ukulele. Enjoy! :)