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    Season 535 - Run

    Thanks for hosting Andy! I've been wanting to participate lately but when I had a bit of time, I didn't find anything to fit the theme. Fortunately this weeks theme is a fertile one for my tastes. Joined by a great group of friends some of you may recognize. Bob, Mel, Chuck and Brian. Wishing...
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    Sign up for future Seasons IV

    Hey Steve, I hope all is well! I'll take 539 if it's still available ~
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    Hey Val, thanks for hosting! I hope you're doing well! Gerald and I were getting set up to play around and when he plugged in his drum machine this jazzy sounding groove was playing. I started playing the chords to Summertime and it just seemed to fit, so we decided to record it with the purpose...
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    Be wary of potential scammers

    This happened to me a few days ago as well. And it was the second time it's happened to me in 2022. I don't spend nearly as much time on the forum as I once did, and it's pretty rare that I post, but I do think this message/warning needs to get out there. When I first joined the forum back in...
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    Installing a Pickup Jack on side of lower bout?

    Thanks for positive feedback Vintage! Yes, the K&K comes with what I think of as a fairly standard Endpin that is threaded and has nuts on the inside and outside of uke to keep it from jiggling around. I also have some rubber strap locks that i'm going to put on the inside and maybe the outside...
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    Installing a Pickup Jack on side of lower bout?

    Not sure if this is the proper place to ask this question, but I'll give it a go. I'm interested in installing a pickup jack on the bottom side of lower bout. In this case it's a K&K Twin Spot pickup, but I imagine it would be the same regardless of the pickup used. Since there is no block there...
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    Kala KA-SCAC-B baritone for sale SOLD

    I've bought from and sold to David a few times, and from either side of those transactions he has been very professional and easy to work with. Example: I sold him a very nice guitar last year, and when he decided to resell it 3 months later for more than I sold it to him for, he split the...
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    FS: Ono Tenor Ukulele (SOLD)

    Never heard of Seagur Pinks, but I'm glad this wonderful instrument found it's way to someone who will play it all night long ~
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    SOLD - FS: Pono Cedar Rosewood Steel String Baritone UL4-4 with pickup - PRICE DROP

    Wow, that's a beautiful instrument. Good luck rehoming it Ari ~
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    New Tax Rules for 2022 Affects Use of PayPal and Other Cash Apps

    I've been getting some hints from PayPal about this, but I didn't know the details of the new law. Thanks for sharing the info Kenn. I can't help but wonder who the hell comes up with these silly names like "American Rescue Plan" ~
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    Season 520: 10th Anniversary Dance Party Extravaganza!

    Feliz Cumpleanos Jaime! Hoping to get something done and posted this week ~
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    Where to report a scammer on marketplace?

    Same thing happened to me. It seems they may be targeting "Want To Buy" posts. It's easy enough to find photos of something if you know what a person is looking for. A new member "Allen 98" tried to get me to send them money via Zelle. They stopped communicating when I said since they had just...
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    FS: Ono Tenor Ukulele (SOLD)

    I'd buy it back for $900 if you don't sort something out with Jim Hanks! Also open to a trade if I have something you fancy Brett ~
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    Post your own best Seasons performance of 2021

    Thanks for doing this again Del, I always enjoy your best of threads! It's a great chance to see a playlist filled with some of the best performances from the previous year. I was very lucky to be involved in some fantastic collaborations in 2021 with Del, Kimi, Jon, Chelle and others. I ended...
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    WTB ~ Double Baritone Ukulele Gig Bag

    Thanks Tiki Dave! I had looked at that one but it had been discontinued by most retailers and Fusion was out of stock. I'll check and see if they have some back in stock again. Cheers ~
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    FS: Ono Tenor Ukulele (SOLD)

    I am the original owner and had a hand in some of the build options! I really hated to let it go, but financial needs coupled with the fact that i'm playing mostly steel string ukes these days made it the right decision at the time. It's quite a unique uke in terms of the Bastogne Walnut back...
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    I have a brand new set in box that I never got around to using. I sent you a PM ~
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    WTB: Kala KA-SMHB baritone

    When I saw your post, I assumed you're looking for used. I did see some new ones. I'll P.M. info to you.
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    WTB ~ Double Baritone Ukulele Gig Bag

    If anyone either has one they'd be willing to part with or knows where to buy one, i'm in the market. Thanks ~