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    Oh... uhmm, yeah. I, ahh... you know. I get it now.

    First and foremost, I'm really happy with the ukuleles I have acquired based on the recommendations here. Having said that... After watching an episode of Huell Howser, RHS, I took a drive to Claremont, CA. It's a lovely little college town about an hour east of me. It's home to the legendary...
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    Lower tension strings for an acacia top, laminate acacia sided tenor.

    More fish!!! I'm back a little earlier than I thought. I've got the uke selection I was shooting for (for the most part) and love switching them up when I practice. Thing is, the tenor strings are a little too tense and, although I'm okay with the sound, the tension makes me work with the tenor...
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    So long (for now) and thanks for all the fish.

    Before taking my leave for awhile I wanted to formally thank everyone here who helped me learn about ukuleles and lead me to other great resources over the past few months. The ukes I've bought for myself and as gifts for Christmas were all based on information that originated here. Work is...
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    Solid mahogany soprano for less than $200?

    Mainland, Pono (micro-blem from HMS), KPK and Ohana all have solid mahogany soprano ukuleles that fit into my budget. The Pono seems to be the bargain of the lot. I've got a solid acacia top tenor, will have a solid (spruce/lacewood) concert, and figure I may as well just get it out of the way...
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    Hardshell case that fits Kala Lacewood Concert

    What hardshell cases are Kala Lacewood owners using? I seem to be having some difficulty getting the correct sized case shipped to me. I've tried two Eddy Finn Hootenanny cases and a Guardian Vintage to no avail. The non-vintage model of Guardian case appears to have a lower neck brace and a...
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    RIP, Huell Howser. You will be missed.

    From a previous post: I am so sad to say that "the great Huell Howser" whom I recently quoted has passed away. For many in California, regardless of where we originally hailed from, he was an icon. As someone put it on another forum, he was the kind of cultural phenomenon that "comes along...
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    Brand new uke, maybe some problems? Should I be concerned? Images attached.

    SOLVED Brand new uke, maybe some problems? Should I be concerned? Images attached. ***************************************************************************************************************** EDIT: Thanks to everyone who provided their learned opinions and insight I felt comfortable in...
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    Montrose, CA - any groups nearby?

    Jus' wonderin'.
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    Portable recorder sound samples for compariative analysis of fidelity.

    Best portable recorder. I think these samples will be very useful to anyone trying to choose from the vast array of portable recorders available. My own choice was... After listening to all the examples within the budget I...
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    Just reaized I haven't introduced myself. Carts & horses and such.

    I live in the greater Los Angeles area and am a production sound professional (I'll spare you the details). I wanted something to take camping with me, I disliked the harmonica, the ukulele came to mind or was suggested, I started doing research, ended up here, started posting questions, bought...
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    Bright, ringing, solid top concert?

    I loaned my Makala concert to a friend and I think he digs it so in the spirit of the season... It looks like I'll by getting a new concert ukulele! :rolleyes: I'm thinking something bright that really rings and has a solid top but if there's a laminate that fits the bill better, I'm game...
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    Short or long scale: which is easier to build to quality & where to spend the money?

    Short or long scale: which is easier to build to quality & where to spend the money? Due to the inherent intonation challenges of short scale instruments it seems that one can find a long scale instrument for relatively less than a short scale instrument of equal quality since the builder...
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    Soprano. Concert. Tenor. Baritone. Why not "Alto" instead of tenor?

    Alto would seem more logical to me.
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    Is my tenor not set up right?

    I have a Makala Pineapple and a Makala Concert, both set up nicely by HMS and very easy to fret as a result. I just got a Tenor solid top acacia (GAT) from HMS and I find that the strings feel way more taught than on either the soprano or concert. I'm wondering if this is normal due to the...
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    Is "The Mighty Uke" an appropriate DVD for children, it doesn't have an MPAA rating

    Is "The Mighty Uke" an appropriate DVD for children, it doesn't have an MPAA rating They're 10 an 12 years old. Thanks.
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    Just found a great, detailed explanation of the setup process...

    ... it's for guitar but it gives a sense of what's involved. Wow, is all I can say. I had no idea. It's the second post in the thread:
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    Is it just me? Probably is, but, maybe...

    ... I'm not the only one whose gone through this. Let me preface all this to say that I don't have a dedicate ukulele shop near me. I have been involved in music for quite awhile; since I was a child. I was trained in voice but I've learned the rudiments of several different instruments over...
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    What quality solid top / laminate side & back tenor ukes are out there?

    I've read a lot of general opinions on "all solid" vs "all lam" vs "solid top / lam sides & back" and I've made the decision to try and find a solid top / lam back & side tenor. Some opinions led me to believe that at a certain price point there is usually little difference between any of the...
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    Does Kala make a solid Mahogany top, laminate side/back tenor ukulele?

    I can't seem to find one on their website, only an all solid Mahogany. Seems odd they wouldn't make one, yes?
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    Kala KA-PDKT- Padauk Tenor or Kala GAT- Golden Acacia Solid Top Tenor

    I know one is a solid top and the other is a laminate but I wonder which makes a bigger difference in tone and projection between these two particular ukuleles, type of wood or type of construction? Hawaiian Music Supply has both on sale for a great price so I'm hoping to pick one or the other...