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    Common Chords You Just Can

    Common Chords You Just Can't Get What are the common chords that are driving you nuts as you learn? For me right now Bm, Bb and B are killing me. Finding fingerings that come out clean and I can transfer to and from are proving to be exceptionally difficult. I know they will come across...
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    Greetings from Long Island

    Hey all, Burgeoning uke player here from Suffolk County in Long Island, NY. Fell in love with the uke and Hawaii while on our honeymoon a few years back and finally bought one in December of last year, a Cordoba 15CM Concert. Didn't really pick it up and start playing in earnest until Covid...
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    Solid Body Electrics?

    Looking for a decent but fairly inexpensive solid body electric so I can practice and not wake my kid or annoy my wife (even more). Intrigued by the Mahalo EUK-200 but that