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    I messed up a vintage uke...looking for restoration tips

    This is the groove This are the fingerboard "bubbles": this is an "after" photo made without flash,here's the frontboard without the finish and here's the back board still with the finish:
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    I messed up a vintage uke...looking for restoration tips

    Hi all!! Last week I bought a cheap vintage unbranded uke with some flaws.As you can see it missed tuning pegs (originally it had ebony pegs) and it lacks the 12th fret too..Luckly it has no cracks and I like it for its tiger striped finish,for its feather weight and for the barky and...
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    Uke lesson 39 - More than words

    Hi guys!I have a little problem with this song...I could learn all the picking part...there's only a problem in the ending part...I make the D chord,than instead of sliding a make a hammer on (because I use only the index finger to make the D with an half barrè),than i pluck the E string,I make...
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    MGM pattern used in his reviews: is there any tutorial???

    Hi all!I would like to know if someone (or maybe the same Mike) can help me to figure out the pattern he uses during his reviews....It should be very useful for me,cause I have to sell two no-brand ukulele he did not review and I would like to "show" the sound,so everyone can compare to well...
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    Na storia 'e fumm - Italian Song played with ukulele

    Hi all, this is my first post I hi all!I'm Daniele from Italy!Long short story:I started playing the ukulele just to learn a day to play this funny italian song of which I'm looking for'm talking to you, ear trained or perfect (or absolute?) pitch ukulele players,don't...