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  1. drewp

    Lil' Rev workshop

    Hey all, just attended a Lil' Rev workshop a couple of days ago in Philly. Mostly dealt w/ R-hand (strum) techniques. I wasn't expecting much but I have to say I left pleasantly surprised! Lil' Rev came across as a super nice guy...with great stories, sense of humor...and I got a sense that he...
  2. drewp

    Some info about the Baritone

    Hi everyone, I've been playing a Koaloha tenor exclusively for the last 2 to 3 years or so. I'm the type that prefers to connect with one instrument rather than have a quiver of instruments to choose from. After seeing (and hearing) a few videos of a baritone uke, I am becoming interested in...
  3. drewp

    Source for Worth Clears

    Hi, anybody recommend a source (online) for Worth Clears? They appear to be harder to find than Aquillas, D'Addario, etc. Thanks
  4. drewp

    How/where to place humidifiers

    Hi all, I did search this topic and I understand when and if humidification is needed. I will most likely need it during the dry winter, but am fine now. I want to take care of my newly acquired KoAloha tenor. Here's my questions: I have a very form fitting/tight "Uke Crazy" case. I...
  5. drewp

    Solid Koa uke care

    Hi everyone. I did do a "search", but am hoping I can get all the information in one post. I recently came into a beautiful, solid koa Koaloha tenor. I am realizing that this uke is going to require more care than my Oscar Schmidt laminated concert. I saw on another post where someone...
  6. drewp

    High G string gauge?

    Hi everyone, I recently upgraded to a Koaloha tenor. I received it strung "linear" (low G) with the original Worth strings on it (I'm told). I'd like to try to string it "re-entrant" just to see what I think. I do think that with low-G it does sound a bit more "guitar-y". Somewhere (I...