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    Installing a Pickup Jack on side of lower bout?

    Not sure if this is the proper place to ask this question, but I'll give it a go. I'm interested in installing a pickup jack on the bottom side of lower bout. In this case it's a K&K Twin Spot pickup, but I imagine it would be the same regardless of the pickup used. Since there is no block there...
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    WTB ~ Double Baritone Ukulele Gig Bag

    If anyone either has one they'd be willing to part with or knows where to buy one, i'm in the market. Thanks ~
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    Having trouble uploading photos on a For Sale Thread

    It appears that maybe the parameters have changed with the new platform. I'm having trouble uploading images taken on my iPhone this morning. If anyone has any ideas on how to get some photos posted i'd really appreciate your guidance on this matter. Cheers, kev
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    FS: Mya Moe Baritone #1634 Mahogany/Spruce w/ K&K Pickup New Price $SOLD

    Thanks to Ukulele Underground! This uke has $SOLD ! This uke has the easiest playing neck of any baritone i've ever played. I'll post some photos shortly, but in the meantime here is a video of it in action, live, straight to iMovie with no editing. Best listened to with headphones: Feel...
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    WTB ~ Electric Baritone Uke or Tenor Guitar

    I'm looking for an electric baritone ukulele or Tenor Guitar. I own a 'Mann' and a 'Monkey Wrench', and I'm looking for something like those quality wise. It should have a scale length between 20" and 23". Thanks in advance! Kev ~
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    CLOSED ~ Circle Strings Tenor Guitar HAS BEEN RE-HOMED ~

    SOLD Just putting a feeler out here before I look into sending this one to Shaun at Ukulele Friend. This was built as a tenor guitar, and has a 23" scale. The back and sides are Indian Rosewood, and the top is Sinker Redwood. It has an amazing tone, and depending on string choice, it can be...
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    Mya Moe Resonator Tenor Uke W/ Pickup

    As title says, I'm reluctantly letting go of this beautiful Mya Moe reso uke. I can honestly say it's my favorite tenor uke I've ever spent significant time with. Needs outweigh my love for this uke, and getting down to a single acoustic tenor, I just have to go with my Blackbird Farallon. While...
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    Season #465 ~ 2nd Chances

    Hello and Happy New Year to everyone! Forgive me for posting so late. I lost track and thought I was hosting next week, which I was surprised to see does not have a host yet. Hopefully someone will step up and grab that slot. I generally tend to go with really broad themes, as I've found...
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    FS: Kinnard Baritone Quilted Maple & Torrefied Spruce top

    Reluctantly posting this custom Kinnard Baritone for sale. It was made for Ukulele Eddie to his specifications, and I am the second owner. I have used it primarily for recording the weekly sketches I do for SOTU. I traded a series 3 Kinnard tenor for this when I first started gravitating towards...
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    SOTU#449 All things Fall

    I volunteered to fill in this week when I noticed Joo had asked to have her name removed. Marc is co-hosting with me this week and came up with the theme. While I imagine we've had seasons about the seasons before, this week does mark the arrival of Fall. I personally prefer to make the seasons...
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    SOTU# 429 ~ "Songs Of Grief & Loss / Artists No Longer With Us"

    Howdy fellow friends and seasonistas! I recently received the devastating news that my cat Panda is terminally ill! It’s a sobering reminder of how fleeting life is. Obviously a lot of people around the world are dealing with the unexpected loss of a loved one due to the pandemic as well, so I...
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    Experimenting with the steel strung ukes

    I've converted a tenor guitar to baritone (DGBE) tuning and I love the tone as a contrast to the nylon/fluoro strung instruments I often play.' X-mas has past, but the message of this song still rings true. Happy New Year ~
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    Season #408 N.P.R.'s Tiny Desk Concert Series

    Hello fellow seasonistas, I hope everyone is doing well! I'm sorry for the last minute post here. I know a lot of you like having some advance notice to research the theme and find songs. Hopefully this week, it will be easy for everyone to find something to perform. As the title says, it's...
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    Season 385: Popular Abroad

    Hello Everyone, This season i'd like to hear songs by artists who achieved notable popularity outside of their home country. Artists from all 3 British Invasions come to mind. Artists like Jimi Hendrix who became popular in Europe before coming back to the U.S. is another. And artists like...
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    Season #376 ~ Ukin’ Together

    So this week, what I am primarily looking for is collaborations. They can come in many forms. You can record yourself live with family/friend/fellow UU members, you can do long distance collaborations with friends/fellow UU members. Also, as I’ve done with Joo, one of you can do all of the audio...
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    [B]Season #323 ~ Outlaw Country Music[/B]

    This week we are going to be exploring Outlaw Country Music artists ~ Even though this is a sub genre of Country Music, I am not asking you to copy or emulate any specific style. In fact, I am looking for your original take on whatever songs you decide to bring. Originals are welcome, as long...
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    Southcoast Not Restocking Their Linear String Sets?

    Has anyone else noticed that Southcoast seems to be out of stock on their linear strings sets with wound basses? I've gone there twice in the last month to order some and they have shown out of stock.
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    F/S: Mya Moe Koa Tenor #1443

    SOLD I am in the process of trying to get my collection down to a manageable number of instruments. I have gotten to the point where I have a couple of custom made tenors with 18" scale, 2 Farallons (1-GCEA/1-DGBE) and a couple of baritones. I may still aquire one more baritone if things work...
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    F/s: Kinnard honduran mahogany baritone 19" scale

    I have the opportunity to acquire a few instruments that aren't often available second hand, and so I am letting go of a few very nice ones. This baritone has a classic Mahogany tone with a very sweet high end presence. I am asking $SOLD shipped within the continental US. Sound sample by Kevin...
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    [b]wanted: Mya moe baritone[/b]

    I have a non member friend who is looking for a used Mya Moe Baritone. Thanks, kevin