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  1. Faricelli

    UWC craft beer trade.

    I've become an avid craft beer drinker and thought it would be cool if people coming from different areas to UWC would want to trade some of their local favs with each other. I can get a lot of different craft beers living near Chicago. I can even bring the elusive Three floyds Zombie dust to trade.
  2. Faricelli

    Is puremarkska dead?

    I miss puremarkska and his incredible vids.
  3. Faricelli

    Mele super curly tenor and kala cedar top electric cut away for sale

    Price dropped I'm selling a mele tenor low g super curly tenor. The pics dont do it justice. I paid 900 for it last year in Maui. It has a small scratch on the neck. Its from my thumb nail. It is not into the wood but seems to have marked the satin finish. I am asking 550 with free conus...
  4. Faricelli

    Has anyone ever up graded the electronics in their eleuke?

    I was wondering if anyone has up graded the electronics in their eleuke?
  5. Faricelli

    UWC uke sale

    I need to get rid of some ukes and will bring any of the following to UWC. I don't feel like mailing ukes so if you are going to UWC and are interested in any of the following please pm me. 1. Kala cedar top electric Tenor. I paid 320 for it from mgm. I'm asking $250.00 2. Sterling banjole...
  6. Faricelli

    Colin and Rob Thread

    Hey Colin what you doing?
  7. Faricelli

    Interesting thing happened today at the mall.

    My wife dragged me to the mall today. I was wearing a ukulele hero shirt. A young man seen the shirt and came up to me and was so excited. He wanted to know when this new game was coming out. He loved guitar hero and was surprised he hadn't heard of this new release. I had to explain to him that...
  8. Faricelli

    Let the Good Timez Roll. (offensive)

    This offensive and should only be watched by those who like offensive things. I apologize to any people who are offended and hope they can understand this is all done for comedy.
  9. Faricelli

    Electrifying your uke: Under saddle or piezoelectric transducer?

    I am thinking about electrifying my Kamaka and have mixed emotions about either of these. I have heard that some people recommend the internal piezo model for better sound but you need a pre amp. I have a pre amp so this doesn't really matter. I just want something that sounds good.
  10. Faricelli

    Which uke company offers the best warranty.

    I have been thinking about buying a high dollar uke and was wondering which company offers the best warranty. I read on Kamaka site that it can take over a year for a repair. I don't know if that is the norm or not. I have had some dealing with Koaloha and was really pleased. I was just curious...
  11. Faricelli

    Special Thanks to Hank for putting together some of the cabins at UWC.

    Just want to thank Henry for taking the time and energy to put together some of the cabins this year. I know it is a huge pain trying to organize something like this. It can be frustrating collecting the money and dealing with some of the uncertainties. I sincerely want to thank Henry for all...
  12. Faricelli

    O Gauge train layout with ukulele music

    First Vid made on my new Mac. Just messing around with some garage band and I movie. The shaking was from using the auto stabilizer. It kept following the train.
  13. Faricelli

    One arm ukulele palyer.

    Sorry, if this has been posted before but this kid should be an inspiration to us all.
  14. Faricelli

    KIndle or Nook?

    I can have one of these for free, but I don't know which one to get. I am leaning on the kindle do to books that are available. Any opinions?
  15. Faricelli

    This video is why I don't go to church very often.

    This vid is about a bible girl I had a crush on. I apologize if I offend anyone.
  16. Faricelli

    Dead dog in the road original.

    I saw a dead dog in the road and started singing this on the way to work.
  17. Faricelli

    Tasteless and offensive Christmas songs.

    I apologize to any one I offend. These to songs I wrote real fast for the Chug Christmas party. Enjoy.
  18. Faricelli

    Song about pizza buffet hog

    I was sick and bored. Two takes and done.
  19. Faricelli

    Anyone have thoughts about the new Riptide Ukes?

    I have been thinking about getting the deluxe concert model. It is about 400 bones at MGM. I am looking for a decent electrified uke. I like the idea of the sound hole on the riptides being off set. This would probably help to eliminate some feed back. I just don't know if I like the looks. I...
  20. Faricelli

    New Mike Irving custom uke.

    This is a song I wrote on the way to see my new niece in Cleveland Tenn. My dog decided to bark a few times but it is better than Aldy's dang chickens. This is a instrumental so that may make a lot of people happy. The uke is Alaskan yellow cedar top, Canary wood back and Biscote fret board...