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  1. rpfrogner

    WTB Early Martin Style 3 Ukulele

    Just throwing a hook out there. Does anyone have an early Martin or Ditson stamped Style 3 Soprano Ukulele they are willing to part with? I specifically would like to find one pre 1918 (without fret markers). Any condition would be considered. Please send a PM with any information or interest.
  2. rpfrogner

    WTT Martin Style 3 Uke for Older Model Martin Style 3

    Looking to shake things up today. I have interest in trading my 1918/1920 Martin Style 3 ukulele for older version Style 3 uke. Mine is not perfect, but is in great shape and is a great player. I would also consider other very old Martin made ukes. Please write with any questions.
  3. rpfrogner

    FT/FS 1919 Ditson Style 1 dreadnought

    1919 Ditson Style 1 dreadnought ukulele for trade/for sale. This is a very loud and responsive ukulele. Great Player. This uke is in good condition with 1 repair on the soundboard, and a few other minor scratches and dings. Please review the photos and write with any questions. Will consider...
  4. rpfrogner

    NUD - David Newton Dreadnought ukulele

    I just had to share a few photo's from a very special ukulele I received this week. It has been 5 months in the making, and David has done an outstanding job. This is a brand new "vintage" mahogany Style 3 soprano dreadnought ukulele :)
  5. rpfrogner

    Vintage Martin headstock stamp with gold leaf?

    I have run across something that I would appreciate hearing some other opinions/feedback. A few months back I purchased an older vintage Martin Style 1 ukulele. Within the last few weeks I gave it a fresh set of strings and today I was playing when I noticed that on the back of the headstock...
  6. rpfrogner

    Tiki Flea Concert

    Really nice playing Tiki Flea Concert size ukulele with denim gig bag. Plastic fretboard and original strings. This is one of my favorite players, but I have interest in another instrument. I am asking $160 plus shipping costs.
  7. rpfrogner

    Flamingo Ukulele

    Very nice Flamingo ukulele with box and accessories. Everything is in original condition. No cracks or damage to uke and very little playwear. I am asking $150 plus shipping costs (negotiabl). I am looking to purchase another instrument, so some others must go (if they are not used regularly).
  8. rpfrogner

    Kamaka Pineapple soprano 1930's

    This is a refinished Kamaka soprano pineapple ukulele. The friction tuning pegs are not original but they work very well. The ukulele currently has Martin strings and it plays and sounds really well. The paper label is in good condition and does have a number. There is a hole in the...
  9. rpfrogner

    Kiwaya KTC-1

    Kiwaya KTC-1 in pretty much as new condition. A great mahogany concert ukulele made in the style of Martin ukes with almost no playwear. Heavy padded soft case in photo's is included. The original strings have been changed for Aquila's. I love this ukulele, but I am not playing it and am...
  10. rpfrogner

    Sacrilege? Vintage Martin Mahogany Soprano with Pegheds

    I am offering one of the best playing and sounding ukulele's I own. This is a 1918/19 Martin Style 1 soprano with modern Peghed tuners. I found this ukulele a little over a year ago without tuning pegs or strings. It appeared to have originally had wooden friction pegs so I didn't want to put...
  11. rpfrogner

    Swagerty Treholipee

    I LOVE my Swagerty instruments but I have another purchase I would like to make. This ukulele is complete and has average wear for being from the 1960's. The decals are in good shape and the paddle tuners are not broken! I am asking $150 plus shipping costs. Please PM me for additional...
  12. rpfrogner

    Tangi Manini

    I hate to part with this one, but it is not one of my main players. Nice sopranino with a lot of finish flaws, and normal playwear. I have my eyes on another instrument so I have to let a couple of the ones I currently have go. I am asking $170 shipped with case to the east coast USA. All...
  13. rpfrogner

    Mainland Mahogany Soprano 2011

    I love my Mainland ukulele's, and this is a great player, but I have another instrument I would like to purchase. There are no cracks or damage, very little play wear, satin finish, and gold friction tuning pegs with amber buttons (no case). Well taken care of. It could use a new set of...
  14. rpfrogner

    Tenor Fluke with gig bag

    I have a barely used Tenor Fluke with gig bag. This is the Mahogany version and has the rosewood fretboard. I installed a pick up immediately after purchase. This is a nice ukulele, but I have given it almost no playing time so hopefully it will find a good home. I am asking $260 plus...
  15. rpfrogner

    Slingerland Maybell Banjo Ukulele

    Here we have a 1920's or early 30's Slingerland Maybell banjo ukulele. It has a new nut and bridge, along with new strings (wound C). The banjo head and all the hardware is original (with the exception of one screw that fastens a tuning knob). The action is low. I've tried to take photo's of...
  16. rpfrogner

    Sonny Daze Cigar Box Ukulele

    For sale is a nice example of a modern Cigar box ukulele. This one was built in 2008. I actually have a case that came with this, but it will be the option of the buyer as to if you want me to ship it (it is made of plywood and weighs a ton, but it does match the uke). I have tried to also...
  17. rpfrogner

    1924 - 1926 Martin 1K soprano

    Nice example of a players ukulele. This Martin 1K is not perfect, but is in good shape. No cracks or repairs. The is one spot on the back where there appears to be a small separation in the grain (been this way since I've had it) which I have pictured. I believe the neck was over-sprayed at...
  18. rpfrogner

    Swagerty "Little Guitar"

    1960's Swagerty "Little Guitar". I consider this a good and complete example of a rare Swagerty ukulele. The decals are in good shape, the neck is straight and the paint has average wear. There is one small nick in the back of the headstock (photo included). It is not perfect, but it is...
  19. rpfrogner

    1924 Gibson UB

    This is a players ukulele. Nice example of the first ukulele banjo model Gibson offered. The serial# (11192A - 26) dates it to before 1925. Instrument does have an old repair to the neck that I have tried to picture but causes no issues. There is also some finish wear on the headstock. The...
  20. rpfrogner

    New Uke Day for Me......a Kamoa

    Not the electric hollowbody (I want), but a really nice Koa SV that apparently was made for NAMM. Not keen on the low G, so the strings will be changed but it still sounds really nice. I am posting a pic of the real thing beside the new one also. This uke is very light, good action, and looks...