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    Pono Blowing Out Some Ukes!

    You need to set your shipping area to "any or the United States." they specifically listed that they only ship to the US on their reverb profile. As a Canadian I was very confused by this post and continued posts for a minute.
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    New Year; New Ukulele: Beautiful Rebel Double Cremé Mango Concert (Standard)

    These are great, sound amazing with worth browns on them. GLWS
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    WTB: Romero Spalted Mango Tiny Tenor

    Pepe Romero posted something along these lines on instagram a few weeks ago. Looks like their Vietnam factory is covid shuttered. Instagram
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    FS: Pono MGS Mango Ukulele

    Not surprised, that was an amazing price!
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    For Sale: 2021 KoAloha Koa Concert KCM-00 - $750 (Reduced)

    I honestly didn't notice it. Thanks for the clarification.
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    For Sale: 2021 KoAloha Koa Concert KCM-00 - $750 (Reduced)

    You should list why the ukulele is a Factory Special, these are blem non retail stock.