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    Best To All!

    My brother was named after Stan Muscial.
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    Best To All!

    Merry Christmas to you. By the way, love the Cardinals hat. I have been a fan since the 1940's.
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    Own a jazz hat music ukulele?

    Hey Riprock, when you ready to get rid of that baritone let me know. If I remember correctly you are in central Iniana like me.
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    Uke Spotting in NCIS Hawaii

    I saw that too but could not catch the brand. I am in my 70's and have old eyes.
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    Ukulele Magazine

    Has anyone received their winter issue of Ukulele Magazine. As I recall it normally shows up around the end of October.
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    youtube problem

    I was going to watch a video by choirguy on youtube. The screen comes up but I just get the spool thing in the center and nothing happens. Is anyone else having problems like this with youtube?
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    hearing aids

    I wear hearing aids, and there are probably some other old guys here that do the same. I have some new aids and they help with lots of things, the telephone, the TV, hearing a high pitched voice, but when I play my uke it can sound a little tinny. If I take out my hearing aids it sounds much...
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    Aquila on Outdoor Uke

    Has anyone used Aquila nylguts on an Outdoor carbon soprano? If so, how did you like the sound?
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    6 string Kamaka

    On Hawaii 5-0 last night the character Flippa was playing a Kamaka that had 6 strings. Could someone tell me how those are usually tuned?
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    Has anyone seen or played one of the fiberglass Turtulele ukes that Amazon has on their site. It appears they are made in the Phillipines.
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    Ukulele World Congress pictures

    I go to UWC every year but could not attend this year because I just had surgery. Does anyone have pictures they could post so that I could get a glimpse? I do not have Facebook. Thanks.
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    workshop in Indianapolis

    Is anyone here going to the Play Ukulele by Ear workshop on Sat 04/18 in Indianapolis.
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    compensated saddle on Enya

    I was changing the strings on an Enya EUR X1 camp uke. The compensated saddle came out of its slot in the bridge. On the G and A strings should the compensation slant toward the nut or the other direction? Need some help.
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    First Act Uke

    While walking through Walmart you start thinking about those $10 ukes on Black Friday. I have a 3 year old grandson that would think a uke with Paw Patrol on it would be the Holy Grail. But what are those strings. You could replace them with some Worth Browns. However that would be like a new...
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    Old Forum

    So when I look at UU to see what is happening, I click on the line that says Old UU Forum. So is there a New UU Forum? Does anyone else think this way?
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    sapelle/ abs uke for a kid

    I am always looking for a decent sturdy uke for kids. I was looking on They have one that looks very similar to the Alic or Mahilele, except it has a rosewood fretboard. It does have the abs body and neck. It even appears to have the same compensated bridge as the Mailele. Just...
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    Indiana lap-steel

    So today is a dreary Saturday in Indiana. A mix of rain/freezing rain. I got out my solid-body Eleuke concert. I just plugged in my inexpensive earphones. With the tone knob in the correct spot and using my fingernail to strum with, it almost has the sweet sound of the Hawaiian lap-steel guitar...
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    Alic or Mahilele

    Does anyone know of anywhere in the USA one may purchase either an Alic or Mahilele soprano uke?
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    The healing power of uke

    There is a perfect ukulele for every situation. About a week ago I came down with a resiratory infection. That is a bad thing when you are old. A couple of times tried to play the uke tis week but did not have the energy. This morning I got up feeling almost human. Resolved to try again but I...
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    strings for Tom pocket uke

    I have a Tom pocket uke that my wife likes to play. Problem is the standard soprano strings it comes with sound too lifeless. I tried the strings Aquilla has for the I-uke but they are stretched really tight on the Tom since it is a longer scale. She wants to be able to play standard chord...