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  1. casetone2514

    A Grand Northern Ukulele Festival - It's a big 'un! (UK)

    OK, here it is! The website for A Grand Northern Ukulele Festival has just gone live. 12th-13th October 2013 Pontefract Town Hall Pontefract West Yorkshire Early Bird tickets are on sale now.
  2. casetone2514

    GNUF - Ukes in the Northern Bit of the UK

    Greetings I thought I'd mention that we (meaning a good half dozen people and myself) are planning a ukulele festival in mid-late October in the North of England. We've actually talked about it a lot, met a number of times and convinced ourselves that we should build it (and people might come)...
  3. casetone2514

    I am not new. I'm not even nearly new. I'm second hand but bordering on vintage.

    Hi everyone. I thought I'd say "Hi" here because it is quite some time since I posted anything on UU and many of you will not know me at all. I am an enthusiastic amateur ukulele player, singer and songwriter and not particularly good at any of them. I used to do lots of cover versions of...
  4. casetone2514

    Lâg Uke Tuners

    Does anyone know the maker of the enclosed, geared, black tuners that Lâg use on their ukes, and, more importantly, where I can buy a set? or failing that, would the Schaller M6 mini series be appropriate for a uke?
  5. casetone2514

    Back from AWOL

    OK I know I'm not new here but I suspect I was forgotten and given up for dead. Been out of the uke loop for a while due to family circumstances and a disheartening run in with the copyright cops that left me feeling a bit disillusioned. Anybody visiting my Youtube channel lately will see a...
  6. casetone2514

    Krabbers, UnluckyMum, Ken Middleton & casetone2514 ~ The Krab Four ~ Belper Ukefest

    Krabbers, UnluckyMum, Ken Middleton & casetone2514 ~ The Krab Four ~ Belper Ukefest Last Sunday At Belper Town Football Club the first Belper Ukulele Festival Took place and a fine time was had by all. If you were there and wondered what the racket was in the far corner, wonder no more:
  7. casetone2514

    Evilhamster95 in trouble with the copyright cops

    I just saw this Youtube clip Eric Bradford is a very talented ukulele player and all-round musician who has fallen foul of the copyright goons for having the temerity to post a Hotel California cover. Please visit his channel and offer...
  8. casetone2514

    Uke original on CNN pt deux

    As promised, here's the song used on the CNN report in full: Tony
  9. casetone2514

    Got a New Baton Rouge Sopran plus Little Sadie

    I got a new soprano uke in mango wood by BAton Rouge the other day and I LOVE IT! Have a look at it in this video and listen to my version of Little Sadie (one take) Tony
  10. casetone2514

    Ukulele Original on CNN

    A couple of months ago a chap called Rob Shoesmith approached me after viewing my Youtube Channel to ask if I'd write a song about him. It's not as bonkers as it seems! He is a refuse collector (Bin-man in UK parlance) who has devised an application for the Apple iPhone and he wanted a theme...
  11. casetone2514

    What should I write a song about?

    I have loads of bits of songs that I have written. Bits of melody, nice chord sequences even snatches of lyrics but I find it difficult to pluck an idea out of my head and complete it. When someone says, "will you write a song about..." I have a better chance of coming up with something and...
  12. casetone2514

    I Saw Her Standing There - Great Performance

    See how many YouTube Uke faces you recognise in this video from the Ukulelehooley in Dublin 2009.
  13. casetone2514

    Ukes in UK schools

    This tiny side-piece was in this mornings Metro newspaper. ....just out of interest.
  14. casetone2514

    What Does The Internet Think?

    There's an amusing little website that searches the internet for positive and negative comments on whatever you ask it to search. It then tots up the results and comes out with the Internets opinion on your chosen subject. I typed in Ukulele and it came out that the opinions expressed by...
  15. casetone2514

    Baton Rouge and Broken Hearted

    Does anyone here know anything about Baton Rouge Ukuleles? I have just been to Music Ground in Leeds and they have a selection of Baton Rouge ukes. I want a decent soprano as the sopranos I own are terrible (my best one is a Maholo) and so every time I see one I try it. They have quite a nice...
  16. casetone2514


    I know a lot of people here post on Youtube and the comments that are posted are not always related to the music. One comment I get quite a bit is "Kyle Gass" which I, originally, thought was internet-speak for...I don't know what. I'm not up on that sort of thing - I thought LOL meant Lots of...
  17. casetone2514


    Is it just me or is this Fender Nohea Tenor Ukulele Koa Laminate just plain ugly? It appears to have a telecaster headstock (not the prettiest Fender guitar head) that just jars with the beautiful lines that a ukulele ought to have. Has anyone tried one of these? Fender are a good name in...
  18. casetone2514

    Chord Help required, please

    I am writing a song at the moment. I say writing, but nothing is really written down as such because I don't read music or tabs. I also do not know the name of half the chords I play. So, I was wondering, does anypne know the names of these two chords that feature in my new song?
  19. casetone2514

    £48 Mahogany Top Soprano

    If you live in the UK you'll know how difficult it is to get a soprano uke between the price range £25-£250. They are either cheap and nasties or top of the range. Well I went into Hobgoblin Music today (there'll be a store in a city near(ish) to you) and they have a solid mahogany top soprano...
  20. casetone2514

    Video Editing Software - What do you use?

    I'm interested in what video editing software people use. I only use Windows Moviemaker, but it is slow and not very precise but it is FREE I have seen some great videos with excellent editing and effects like split screen (I'd love that) and more. So, what do you use, why and what 'couldn't...