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  1. lisaxy424

    I've been MIA, and now back with some Stevie Wonder! :)

    My poor uke and I haven't seen much of each other for months, but I finally put an end to that this weekend! At first I totally forgot how to record, since I haven't posted a video since December...but I managed to pull it off! I've missed you guys, and hope all is well :o
  2. lisaxy424

    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 14!

    Hi Rob - big Easter plans for tomorrow?
  3. lisaxy424

    Polkalele info anyone?

    Hey all! A friend of mine acquired a Polkalele from a relative, and immediately asked if I wanted to buy it (news of my uke addiction may be further spread than I thought...) He said from his online research, that he's thinking $200. I have NO idea if that is a good offer or not - are these...
  4. lisaxy424

    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 14!

    Thanks Damon! :) And I have to be honest - everytime I see your screenname, I read it as the sound of one of those old-school laser guns from like Star Trek or something... "pueo pueo" But don't worry - if only you knew what people came up with when seeing MY screenname... ;)
  5. lisaxy424

    Gypsy Swing Band Ukulele? Yes Please!

    Go check out the acoustic version of this song (Back it Up by Caro Emerald) freakin' hot! My uke and I were trying to channel the hotness, and ended up with this - what a FUN song to play! The chords are just Dm - Gm with an A7 thrown in every so often. This makes TWO VIDS in ONE...
  6. lisaxy424

    Chicago Monthly Uke Jam

    It was so nice seeing everyone again last night (after about *cough* twoyears *cough*) :) Hope to do it again soon!
  7. lisaxy424

    I'm still alive! With a new song! :)

    Wow - ok - so it's been 10 MONTHS since I posted a video, and about 8 MONTHS since posting on UU...WTF!? :) And while I probably don't even know half of the UU members anymore, I do know everyone here are a very wonderful (forgiving) bunch - so thank you for the "Where the hell are you!?!"...
  8. lisaxy424

    I'M ALIVE (and posting on YouTube again)! :)

    So you all probably don't even remember me anymore...but since life took over my life for about the last year, here is my first vid in about 6 months! Thanks for the continuing support, and all the awesome messages throughout my disappearing act! :)
  9. lisaxy424

    *NEW FLEA!* No Doubt - Underneath It All

    My cute little purple flea finally gets it's debut! Feeling really chill tonight, and here's the result :)
  10. lisaxy424

    Uke/Sax Cover: The Big Bang by Rock Mafia

    I had waaaay too much fun making this!
  11. lisaxy424

    I'm crazy for YOU!!!

    Really, I am. So I did this song just for you...PICKING POWER! :)
  12. lisaxy424

    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas...again :)

    This seems to be a popular one this year! Here's wishing my UU family Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)
  13. lisaxy424

    Looking for these hard to find ukes!!!

    Since I'm my own Santa this year, I would love to get one of these ukes - but I never have much luck finding them. I tried searching in the usual places, but to no avail...maybe you can help!? The first one is the discontinued "Island Pattern" Fluke. They sell a similar design now, but the...
  14. lisaxy424

    New Lisaxy424 Original - "Closer" me :)
  15. lisaxy424

    Jesca Hoop - Big Fish Uke Cover (Gypsy/Dixieland!)

    I've been in this old school Gypsy-jazz kick for a couple months now, and keep stumbling upon these artists that deserve way more attention! Go listen to the original for sure - the greasy horns make it HOT!
  16. lisaxy424

    Norah Jones & Regina Spektor on Uke & Violin!

    I wish it was actually Norah Jones and Regina Spektor playing uke and violin...but you'll have to settle for us instead :) A fellow music teacher and I have been jamming for a few months, here are our latest covers!
  17. lisaxy424

    April Smith - Wow and Flutter Uke Cover (Old Time Gypsy Jazz!)

    Fell in love the first time I heard it - thanks for checking it out! :)
  18. lisaxy424

    What have I gotten myself into?

    So, my school district is holding a fundraiser/faculty talent show, and me being that annoying go-getter you hate at work, took the role of coordinating my school's act (which just so happens to be a 40-teacher marching band playing "Pokerface" by Lady Gaga...) But NOW I've also agreed to...
  19. lisaxy424

    Dance with YOU! (Ukulele/Clarinet Original)...triplet strumming, baby...

    I was born in the wrong era...:p
  20. lisaxy424

    Lily Allen - Littlest Things - Piano & Uke!

    I just LOVE this chord progression, check it out!