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    FS: Brand New Lanikai LK-1C Concert made by Kanile'a <<SOLD>>

    Wow I hate to do this and I can remember not too long ago trying to convince member Mokai not to sell his. I have a new found interest in taking up guitar so I am thinning out my collection. I am selling a brand new unplayed Lanikai LK-1C Concert size uke. This was made in limited runs by...
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    Beginner Books/Guitars

    I've a fairly new uke player (less than a year) and I'm not wanting to try my hand at playing the guitar. I've been doing lots of research the last couple of days and I think I will start off with the Martin LXM due to its construction with HPL (High Pressure Laminate). Think of it as a...
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    Man vs. Food Hawaii

    Did anyone see the recent episode where Adam goes to Oahu? I can't believe he attempted that 4 lb pancake. :eek: Next time I go to Hawaii I'm gonna buy one an split it amongst a group of 4. I bet we'll still have leftovers for the next week. Oh and those other places he went too looked good...
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    What to buy for $100?

    Ok so my wife is giving me to OK to purchase another uke for my bday. What do you buy for $100. Both of my current ukes are solids so I can't really take them out and about without fear of messing them up. I'm looking for a laminate....something I can just throw around and take everywhere...
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    Mainland Slotted Concert

    For those that bought this already Please post vids. :drool: Damn UAS!!!!!!!
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    Yet another noob question about strings!!!

    This is kind of a dumb question but I've always wondered about this. Let's say you have a uke thats about a year or two old and has never been played. Do the strings wear out over time, even without playing, due to temperature, humidity, etc.? I guess when in doubt they say just to change them...
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    Maui Style Potato Chips!!!!

    While stating in Kauai and Maui I had the priveledge of eating the worlds greatest potato chip. They are high addictive and I'm going through withdrawal symptoms right now. I've seen a few online vendors but does anyone know if they are available in the mainland (southern california). :D
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    Geared tuner sound!!!

    Hello all I just have a quick question regarding one of my opened geared tuners. On the "E string" tuner as I turn it about 1/4 to 1/2 a turn I'll hear this small noise. It's kind of hard to explain and I wish I could record it. All the other tuners do not make this noise. The uke is brand new...
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    UAS filled once again.

    It was a very long 3 days of waiting but my new uke finally arrived yesterday. Its a Kanile'a made Lanikai LK-1C. Its all solid koa and sounds absolutely beautiful. It's a shame they stopped making these. It's basically a K-1 concert without the Kanele'a stamp on the headstock. I am stoked right...
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    Island Legends- Torrance CA.

    I just wanted to give a two thumbs up to Todd at Island Legends in Torrance. About a week and a half ago I purchased an all mahogany Kala concert from him however I wasn't quite happy with the wood grain/color. I purchased it anyway as it was his only one. A few days go by and I search all over...