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  1. Nickie

    Martin LX1E

    Does anyone own one of these? What do you think of it?
  2. Nickie


    We got signed up on Netflix when COVID came to town. We've been entertained a lot. Who else here watches Netflix?
  3. Nickie

    I wonder if this would help....

    I might try this with my Spanish lessons. With ukulele???
  4. Nickie

    Didn't play today

    I didn't play the ukulele in our show today. This is why... This morning, loading the gear in the old bandwagon in the dark, I noted that the old tailgate wouldn't stay up. So I looked for the broom handle we sometimes have to use to prop it open with. You may have guessed it, yes, the dumb...
  5. Nickie

    New tuners day

    I finally got rid of the frustrating Peghead tuners on my uke. Here's a pic of the new Grover planetary tuners. The luthier had a tough time getting the old ones out, they had to be drilled out! Now I have little excuse for playing out of tune. Peghead tuners are pretty, but now that they're...
  6. Nickie

    Using wireless mics

    Our Bassist has been using a wireless headset for over a year now, with pretty good results. I am thinking of getting one myself, I hate tripping over mic stands and cables. She may be upgrading hers. My question is: do they not have to be of different frequencies to work properly in the same...
  7. Nickie

    US President Joe Biden nominates Jake Shimabukuro!

    US President Joe Biden has nominated Jake to serve on the National Council of the Arts! Way cool!
  8. Nickie

    Ready for a resonator ukulele?

    Here's a real cute one, a Beltona concert scale. I bought it from a UU member a couple of years ago, played it in one outdoor gig, before COVID hit. It's in excellent condition, brand new strings (Worth). I just don't play it, because we're always plugged in when we play, and it's acoustic only...
  9. Nickie

    Recording gear

    Our video recording is less than stellar. We play through our stage sound system into a video camera. Sam Muir's videos are amazingly crisp and clear. I found out she uses a Blue Yeti X USB mic that plugs into the computer and records through Logic Pro on her MacBook. What do you use?
  10. Nickie

    TBUS live open mics

    TBUS has just reopened it's two live and in person open mics for ukulele players. They are both in indoor/outdoor venues. I just attended the 3rd Thursday one, and the 4th Thursday one is next week in another location. No social distancing, but mask wearing except when eating or singing....most...
  11. Nickie

    A Capella

  12. Nickie

    William King Ukuleles

    My bestie owns a William King soprano that is the ONLY soprano ukulele I enjoy playing. (except for a Lanakai solid koa long neck soprano) It is loud, great tone, and plenty of sustain. Does anyone know if Mr. King is still around, building ukuleles?
  13. Nickie

    Does anyone here play the Cuatro?

    Are there any cuatro players here?
  14. Nickie

    World Ukulele Day video

    Since we really couldn't play in the WUD celebration this year, here's our offering from last year.
  15. Nickie

    TBUS World Ukulele Day 2.2.21

    My apologies, this video does not play!
  16. Nickie


    Does anyone here play the Boudhran?
  17. Nickie

    What's the best?

    What is the best combo of woods for sustain, and consistent volume up the neck?
  18. Nickie

    Ladies of Uke, being Christmas nuts!

  19. Nickie

    40 years ago today

    40 years ago today, John Lennon was assassinated. He wrote my favorite song, Imagine. We performed it last Sunday in his honor. We were told we did an excellent job. 75 years ago today, Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys made their first appearance in the WSM GRAND Old Opry show. Lester Flatt...