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  1. Down Up Dick

    Harping Again (?)

    I helped a member who was having a harmonica problem a coupla days ago. Then yesterday I played one of my harps just to see if I could still draw and blow bend and if I could remember how to play. And, doggone, it pretty much all came back! Well, I thought about how much I usta enjoy the...
  2. Down Up Dick

    Seated Playing

    I find that playing My Blueridge 6 or even my Kala TG while seated is very uncomfortable. I know the right leg and the left leg positions, but don’t care for them. So I’ve been using a classical guitar foot riser. Does anyone else use one? It works pretty well for me. I‘d really rather...
  3. Down Up Dick

    Little Gem Banjoleles Giveaways

    Gold Tone Music is giving away three (3) Little Gem Banjoleles. A red one, a white one and a blue one. I saw it on Facebook. I don’t know whatcha gotta do. Check it out if you’re interested. :old:
  4. Down Up Dick

    Button Accordions

    Anyone play button accordion? I looked at some on eBay with two rows of buttons on the left hand which I understood, but what are the eight buttons on the right hand side for? Chords I suppose. Can anyone explain? I’m semi-interested in them. :old:
  5. Down Up Dick


    To heck with ukuleles! Where can one buy some darned toilet paper? :old:
  6. Down Up Dick

    #$@&* Bb,

    I am gonna learn to play a clean, clear Bb chord today even if I have to play it over and over ‘til my fingers bleed and the neighbors beg me to stop. I have tried before and failed, and quit playing in F. Now I’ve decided to conquer it. I just hope my fingers hold up. I want to play the C...
  7. Down Up Dick

    Kala 8 string Change

    I have a Kala Tenor 8 string uke that I would like change to CC GG DD AA fifths. I am wondering if it would harm the uke’s neck or anything else to do this. I’d like to make a Aquila strung mandolin out of it. Whadaya think? :old:
  8. Down Up Dick

    Baritone Ukulele?

    I consider the baritone ukulele to be a small (concert? Soprano?) guitar at least somewhat similar to a tenor guitar, and that’s the way I play it. The baritone is “Chicago” tuned similar to a tenor guitar. It’s tuning is confusingly different than a ukulele, though, of course, easy to figger...
  9. Down Up Dick

    Tenor Guitar

    Well, I just sent to Amazon for a new Blueridge T60 Tenor Guitar. I like my Kala KA-GTR so much that I decided to buy a better, nicer one. I wanted one with a pick guard and 14 frets to the body and more frets. I’m gonna tune it to DGBE. My old one it tuned to CGDA. I might use the new one...
  10. Down Up Dick

    Chord Scales

    Anybody, ever practice chord scales? I’m usin’ ‘em on my banjos. They sure help with learnin’ to change chords. Though chords are one of my weaknesses my chord playing is improving. They’re a kinda fun challenge too. :old:
  11. Down Up Dick

    Happy Birthday, Ludwig!

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Biiirrrthdaaay, dear Ludwig, Happy Birthday to you! And many happy returns. Kiss Elise fur me, Ludwig, and Mrs. Beethoven too. :old:
  12. Down Up Dick

    Cases or at least Gig Bags

    I’ve been playing musical instruments, off and on, since the the fourth grade. I’ve played most of the brass and two different orchestral flutes. I’ve gathered with lots of violin and viola and even cello players. AND ALL OF US GOT CASES WITH OUR INSTRUMENTS! I even have a hard case for my...
  13. Down Up Dick


    Ya know. I’m wondering why so many UUers look down their noses at bling. Especially right now. Brass instruments are now being made in colored plastics, and woodwinds are being made in bright colors too. Glass flutes have been made for a long, long time. I’ve even seen some gussied up...
  14. Down Up Dick

    Popped String

    The A string (#1) on my Lanakai banjolele popped last night while I was sitting next to it, reading. It’s tuned to fifths. I leave my Aquilas long and rolled up on the tuner, so it was still long enough to remount it, but, when I got it just about to A, it popped again—scared the heck oughta...
  15. Down Up Dick

    Dust and Pains

    Vacuuming is much, much less fun than singing and playing one’s uke! :old:
  16. Down Up Dick

    Kala Tenor Guitar

    Anybody have a Kala Tenor Guitar? If so, how do you like it? :old:
  17. Down Up Dick

    Why the Change?

    It seems like most of the ukers posting on this forum either played some kinda pop guitar or bass or concert guitar for many years or a long time ago. I guess someone playing some instrument for a long, long time must be pretty good at it. Why then would one quit it and start playing ukuleles...
  18. Down Up Dick

    Happy Independance Day

    Happy Independance Day—play some rousing marches and sing a few songs of freedom. Eat lots of hot dogs and Mom’s apple pie. Join in the three legged race . . . Have a good, good day, but ALWAYS remember how good we got it. :old:
  19. Down Up Dick

    Pro Tennis Grunting

    Ahhh, the yells of the refs, the groans of the crowd, the squeaks of big buck tennis shoes and the grunts of the smashing serves and returns. The wonderful symphony of tennis. :old:
  20. Down Up Dick


    Does anyone use EBay much? I never have, and I’m a bit leary, but they got somethin’ I want. Whadaya think? Go for it or be safe? :old: