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  1. shanmoon

    A quick blurb....Flight Concert Voyager CEQ

    Every now and then I purchase an uke for local kids group to play. Not that long ago I got a good deal on an all solid Flight uke (spruce top and acacia body). Naturally I had to hold on to it for a few days to "test" it out, before handing it over to them. It's not a bad little uke. Happily...
  2. shanmoon

    FS or FT: Koaloha Tenor KTM-00 w/Koaloha Hard Case (price drop)

    This Koaloha is in linear tuning, low-g. Date inside is April 2017. It is in good condition and includes a Koalhoa branded hard case. Not sure if the strings are Koaloha strings or Worth Brown clears, could be either. Stored in the case with Oasis humdifier. I like this uke, but I also have a...
  3. shanmoon

    SOLD: Islander tenor ukulele FNSARM 2015

    I didn't realize I still had this one.... I thought I had sold it, but found it sitting in the back of my closet when I did a little organization last night. It is an Islander FNS-ARM, I believe from 2015. I remember buying this some type back when I was trying to find a good travel ukelele, and...
  4. shanmoon

    NUD: OMG the Lion is so very very ORANGE!

    So I was looking and looking for a UT3K : the aNueNue Koa Bird Tenor. I love my spruce/rosewood Moon Birds. I really wanted to try out an all Koa ukulele with the same style and feel as the Moonbirds. However, the 3K models of the Koa Birds are hard to find. Then I came across a video of the...
  5. shanmoon

    Bridge Issue with Custom Bonanzalele

    I had a custom Bonzanzalele made some months back. I wanted something halfway between a banjo sound and an uke, and sound wise its perfect. However I quickly stopped playing in frustration due to an issue with the bridge, and haven't touched it in months. I am not a particularly hard strummer...
  6. shanmoon

    FS: Pono Concert Taropatch 8 String w Gotoh UPT & Pickup

    SOLD! I purchase this from HMS with full setup. The link to the exact ukulele I bought is here: It has GOTOH UPT tuners and a Pono pickup. I had to really give it the once over to find the "ding" in the headstock. It is verry...
  7. shanmoon

    FS: Uluru Lehua IIICX All Solid Koa Acoustic Tenor w/ Misi Trio

    SOLD! I purchased this a year ago from World of Ukes. At the time I was hoping for a UT3K Koa Bird, but they were out of my price range and hard to find. Baz had a great review of this model which is one of the reasons I bought it...
  8. shanmoon

    WTT: Kanile'a Koa Paua Abalone Concert Premium for an Anuenue UC3K Koa Bird Concert

    WTT: Kanile'a Koa Paua Abalone Concert Premium for an aNueNue UC3K Koa Bird Concert FOR SALE OR TRADE I've got a like new Kanile'a KPA-CP (like this that I would like to trade for a aNueNue UC3k Koa Bird. ...
  9. shanmoon

    FS: Kala Solid Cedar/Pauo Ferro Tenor with Double Pickup

    Buyer backed out, so available again. Kala Solid Cedar/Pauo Ferror Tenor with Double Pickup Purchased new with fullsetup from HMS on 4/20/2020. HMS link with video of this model here I bought this intending to use...
  10. shanmoon

    Sell/Trade: My Kanile'a KPA-C-PREM concert for a Kanile'a Tenor

    I've got a beautiful Kanilea Premium Concert ukelele. I love the way it sounds, but honestly I find myself playing my concert sized Moon Bird and Cedar Bird far more than this little uke. I purchased it new in the Fall of 2019. Serial numbers starts with 0618 so I imagine it was built June 2018...
  11. shanmoon

    Cocobolo Strings

    I've got two Cocobolo ukes. I was lucky enough to "win" the lottery for a beautiful tenor earlier this year, and then again a few months ago, for a custom 5-string tenor. I really love the sound of both of seems like the they have very high tension strings. The sound is...
  12. shanmoon

    WTB: Concert Bonanzalele

    Looking to buy a Concert Bonazalele.
  13. shanmoon

    FS: Kumu Concert with pickup and effects

    Price drop: $250 - SOLD Originally purchased from the Ukulelesite (original listing here: It is made by Leolani, and has an undersaddle pickup than can do effects like Reverd and Chrous even when its not...
  14. shanmoon

    FS: All Solid Ohana Tenor Scale Baritone BKT-250G

    This is the all solid version of the ohana Tenor scaled Baritone (they make a solid top/laminate body version as well). It has a solid spruce topand solid acacia body. I switched it to worth brown strings in low g. It's got a great sound, but sadly, as has happened with many other ukueleles I...
  15. shanmoon

    Considering trading/selling my Mya Moe #990 Mytrlewood Tenor w/5.0 P/U

    I'm considering selling my Mya Moe. I have quite a few ukes, and this afternoon I was looking at the uke cases and said "what ukulele is in that case???? I don't even remeber that case..." and opened it to find my Mya Moe. I realized although I play most of my ukes pretty freqently I hadn't...
  16. shanmoon

    Uke Logic String... wow!

    I recently purchased a couple of ukes from HMS to donate to a local kids music group I help out sometimes. I wantedf them to have a tenor and concert that were better than the awful no-name laminates they were using for perfomances. The Aquila strings on them were a bit much tension wise for the...
  17. shanmoon

    Uke Logic!

    Oops, apologies, meant to post this in uke talk, not marketplace. Deleting content and moving it over.
  18. shanmoon

    Free Uke Crazy Cases, must be picked up in North Carolina

    I've got two extra tenor uke crazy cases I don't need that are taking up space. I'm northwest of Charlotte in Catawba county. Free to anyone who comes and picks one up. I may have an extra concert sized one as well. PM for exact address and to setup a time.
  19. shanmoon

    WTB: Bonanzalele

    Wondering if anyone would like to part with a bonanzalele i.e. Not particular about what hardwood was used.
  20. shanmoon

    WTB: Loprinizi Concert that is not mahogany

    Looking for a Loprinzi that's not mahogany