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  1. ripock

    strings: top four versus bottom four

    In certain times, we use guitar strings for things like baritone uke, solid body uke, tenor guitar, cigar box guitar. Usually, with a set of guitar strings, I just throw away the two base strings and keep the DGBE strings and use the Chicago tuning. But this time, I threw away the two treble...
  2. ripock

    can strings wear out

    I am having a weird problem. I can no longer get the B note on the 16th fret of my A string. When I play it, it plays a C. I undoubtably have an extra A string lying around in my box of miscellany and I'll try a new string. However I was just curious if anyone else has ever come across this...
  3. ripock

    pulling strings off fretboard

    In a recent discussion somewhere on the ukulele boards, someone mentioned that finger style players like wider nuts. Being a finger style player myself, this was news to me. One reason I don't require a wide nut, string spacing, or wide fret board is the fact that I like to pull the A string...
  4. ripock

    fast arpgeggio runs

    I have to admit that an influence on me is early 80's neo-classical metal. To that end, I often improvise with Harmonic minor modes on my ukes. I can play argeggios as well. But I've been wondering how to connect them like they did in the 80's. Do you know what I mean? The musician would...
  5. ripock

    ukulele blues, again

    Periodically, someone posts about learning to play blues. They usually get some unhelpful advice about you have to live the blues or something like that. However, I'd like to notify people that on Patreon Tenthumbs Productions just started a 10-day blues challenge. It is very rudimentary and...
  6. ripock

    ukulele to guitar

    I wanted to give my ukulele friends some encouragement. If you want to, you can totally play guitar. On a whim, I bought what would have been considered cool in my youth, a magenta B.C. Rich guitar (the Rich Bich). I bought some Slinky strings because that's what kids did back then and I...
  7. ripock

    respect to my busking friends

    I went to the market to buy some white stock for fondant potatoes because I was feeling too indolent to make my own. There was a guy out front, with an electric guitar, with two amps, playing arpeggiated chords to accompany his recitativo versions of Christmas music...and I wanted to punch him...
  8. ripock

    sussing out the sus4

    Does anyone have any suggestions for things to do with the sus4 when composing/improvising? I am restricting my question to the sus4 because it seems to be highly preferred to the sus2 (at least in the books I have glanced at) and, secondly, because I don't really like the sound of the sus2...
  9. ripock

    using a guitar like a uke?

    Will it harm a guitar to only string it up like a uke (i.e., only the first 4 strings)? I have an opportunity to have a B.C. Rich guitar (so deliciously 80's) but I have no interest in base strings and no gumption to learn anything new. I in essence want to make this my electric baritone uke.
  10. ripock

    where do you live

    You thought this was going to be one of those invasive personal polls, but it isn't. My question is where are your fingers’ natural abode? I ask because I’ve been going through some changes lately and have been wondering about other people. Over time I have been drifting up the fret board...
  11. ripock

    F# vs Gb

    How do you guys think of his key when you think of it on an abstract level. I mean, if there's a musical context and the music is moving down the fret board, then naturally you're going to go with Gb since everything is trending to the flattening. So, if there's no context and you're just...
  12. ripock

    left hand technique for upper frets

    Hi, I am about to start practicing in earnest my upper five frets (for me, thats 15-19). I was wondering if any of the ukulele teachers here could point me towards what's orthodox in fingering. Here's the question. When I play a scale on the 4th fret, I use all four fingers. When I play the...
  13. ripock

    tips for those high notes

    I have a nice custom uke with a cutaway and I have been practicing fingerpicking up in the high frets. I am having a problem getting the E on the 19th fret of the A string to ring clearly. Does anyone have any suggestions for this scenario? E.g., more or less string tension, pressing down...
  14. ripock

    how to determine string gauge

    I have a tenor guitar and I have been using the strings that came with it. I want to get new strings but I don't know how to determine the string gauges. Is there a way, or do I just to a store and say "give me some 11/52's" and start the process of hunting and pecking until I find the gauges...
  15. ripock

    polyfoam cases and humidifier

    I have always had solid cases made of wood for my instruments, but I am currently considering a polyfoam case for my new uke. My only concern is whether or not it is solid enough to provide an stable environment for a humidifier. I don't want the humidity to just pass through the case. Does...
  16. ripock

    ukulele reading

    This morning, after playing my ukulele, I was sitting on my porch and thinking how I really would like to be able to read and study some material to contribute to my musicanship. My only requirement is that the material not be dumbed down. I may be ignorant but I am not stupid. So things...
  17. ripock

    cash cache

    Every week I take $20 from my paycheck and put it in my secret hiding place. I just counted the money and it is obscenely large. I think all newbies should do this. You can pack away a little more than $1000 / year this way. After a year you shall have outgrown your beginner's ukulele and...
  18. ripock


    I've been craving some variety with my metronome work and I am wondering what you folks do in this regard. I normally use my metronome in these ways: 1. use it to practice transitioning chords 2. use it to practice modes (playing a note every beat or two 1/8 notes per beat) 3. use it to keep...
  19. ripock

    After the sale

    Once an instrument is sold and you need to ship it, where do you folks find the materials to do so: i.e., a box that is appropriately shaped and sized, all that bubble wrap, etc.
  20. ripock

    open tunings

    When using an open tuning, does it matter which string has the root note, which the third and which the fifth (assuming that we are talking about open major chords?