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  1. acmespaceship

    'Best' Keys for Song Circles, your opinions please

    This is one reason why our group encourages everyone to submit and lead songs. Ideally this would give us arrangements for the full range of singers: baritones, tenors, sopranos and concerts (oops, I mean altos!) In practice, this is not perfect. Most folks don't volunteer. The volunteers we...
  2. acmespaceship

    Magic Flea sound

    People forget that Fleas/Flukes are hybrids. The back and sides are indeed plastic, but the soundboard is laminated wood (or solid wood if you choose that option). Fleas sound more like wood ukes because they are (partially) wood ukes. Listening to clips online is not going to tell you exactly...
  3. acmespaceship

    Soprano ukulele actual loudness?

    Guitars are louder than ukes. Good guitarists control their volume to blend with other instruments in the ensemble. Clueless duffers may need some encouragement to tone it down ;-)
  4. acmespaceship

    How to take the next step?

    The advice about pentatonic scales, backing tracks, and playing with other people is good. Classic 12-bar blues is a good place to start, even if it's not your favorite kind of music. Blues is all about improv. The chord progressions are simple and the scales are limited (not necessarily...
  5. acmespaceship


    Cosmo thinks a cardboard box is great. A box lined with soft material is better. A box lined with soft material that is normally kept closed so he can't get into it is even more better! He has been of this opinion since early kittenhood.
  6. acmespaceship

    Are you fluffy?

    FYI and FWIW, the first time I saw "fluffy" used in this context was a greeting card from Sandra Boynton around, what, 1979?
  7. acmespaceship

    Peace and Love

    I've never done this before, because I respect the excellent job our UU moderators do in keeping this forum a great place. And generally I agree with their judgement calls. But in this case, I think a thread was closed that should not be closed. This is why: The OP noted that some of our...
  8. acmespaceship

    Transparent Plastic Ukuleles

    Speaking of Fireflies... Accomplished with advanced hi-tech tools: a string of battery-powered LED lights, masking tape, and a circle cut from a cardboard box. This assembly, taped to the back of the pot as if it were a resonator, prevented the lights from touching the head and affecting the...
  9. acmespaceship

    Cats and Ukulele Re-Stringing

    I have one of those handy little black musician's helpers, too. I do prefer to sequester the cats in another room when I'm changing strings, although nylon uke strings don't worry me as much as steel strings.