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  1. Jerryc41

    Ukulele Instruction

    Occasionally, someone at our weekly jam would try to "teach" us something. I find that to be worse than a waste of time. It just takes away from the playing. Today, one of our members is planning to explain "Major and Minor scales chords and triads, and stuff." He's not a uke teacher. Just...
  2. Jerryc41

    Increased Shipping Costs

    From Oct 3 - Dec 26, the Post Office is raising shipping costs and slowing service. They call it a holiday surcharge. This could hurt private sales of ukes, since pricing is based on size, weight, and distance. I wish I had heard about this weeks ago.
  3. Jerryc41

    "Anatomy of an Acoustic Guitar"

    Okay, so it has six strings instead of four. It's similar. This lady is very talented, but most of what she does involved wood. This is a video she made showing a guitar she was about to build - after designing it. she used a program called Blender on her Mac to design it. If you look...
  4. Jerryc41

    Tenor Form

    This went on sale for $15, so I ordered one. It will be a starting point for any future tenors. I'll have to take an online course in Chinese so I can read the writing on it. I began making a uke a few weeks ago, but then the roof on the screen room collapsed - water leakage - and replacing...
  5. Jerryc41

    Uke over Guitar

    Once again, I'm glad I chose the uke over the guitar. Aside from having to deal with four string, rather than six, the prices are much better. I bought a piece of neck mahogany from Stew-Mac for about $40, and that yielded two necks. I keep seeing pop-up ads for a piece of mahogany for a...
  6. Jerryc41

    TBUG Virtual

    pmorey just told me that the Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway (TBUG) is being held virtually for just $50. No traveling!
  7. Jerryc41

    Ready-Made Tenor Template

    I came across this on eBay. Interesting. Wouldn't the placement of the bridge depend on the location of the 12th fret...
  8. Jerryc41

    Idea for Uke Fests

    I attend uke fests within five hours drive time from my house. With Covid, many events have been online, although some are being held in person now. How about a combination? There would be one price for attending in person, and another for attending online. The workshops and concerts would...
  9. Jerryc41

    Slow Progress

    I did a little more on this uke I'm trying to make. I realized too late that I should have done a couple of things differently, but I'm going to say that they were intentional design features. :D One thing I have never been able to do is make that thin flexible wood that goes inside the top...
  10. Jerryc41

    NUD: Luna Vista Stallion

    Sweetwater and FedEx came through two days early, and I received the Luna yesterday. It's perfect. I'm not going to post pictures (which I haven't taken yet) because I posted the company's online pictures before, so I'll repeat them here. Sound -...
  11. Jerryc41

    A Really Cheap Uke

    I've been thinking about getting a really cheap uke - like a $20 plastic. I would use it as an autograph uke. It wouldn't necessarily be for famous players, but for people in my club, instructors at events - things like that. It would make a good wall hanger. Do any of you have an autograph...
  12. Jerryc41

    Making Progress

    I'm slowing making progress on a new uke. I made a new mold because I didn't like the original, and I made a form to hold the bent sides. Taking Ken's idea, I made a sander using my drill press to make the side boards thinner. I got them down to under 2 mm. The next step is the bending. If...
  13. Jerryc41

    NJ Uke Fest Aug 20 - 22

    The NJ Uke Fest will be held in person this year. They have a great line-up of instructors/performers. They are limiting attendance to fifty vaccinated people, $85.
  14. Jerryc41

    Luna Vista Stallion

    Luna Vista Stallion - Bought and Returned There was a thread about the Luna Vista Stallion a few days ago. (I might have started it.) Some of you didn't like the styling - six different materials used to make the top - but I liked it I ordered one from the Guitar Center, and it arrived...
  15. Jerryc41

    Another Luthier: Ron Saul

    I watched this video last night. Ron Saul is a luthier who has some nice home-made machines. Before he sends a uke to a customer, he has a machine strum the strings a million times. He says it sounds better after that. Naturally, it needs new...
  16. Jerryc41

    Free or Pay

    I'm curious. Are your jam sessions free, or do you pay for them? We have three groups getting together every week, two on Zoom and one in person. Two are free, and one asks for $5.00 a week. I still haven't figured out what that $5.00 is for.
  17. Jerryc41


    At least this strip doesn't mention ukuleles. :D
  18. Jerryc41

    Luna Vista Stallion

    I just received an email with an ad for this - Luna Vista Stallion, $350 with preamp. EDIT: The Luna website lists it for $350, but dealers are listing it for $729...
  19. Jerryc41

    Online Uke Fest Sept 11 - 12

    Port Townsend Ukulele Workshop - September 11 - 12, $75. It looks like they have ten instructors, and it will be recorded. A big advantage of a virtual event is that neither instructors nor attendees have to travel, so it's easier for everyone to attend. Event -...
  20. Jerryc41

    Chee/Maisel and Neal Chin Today

    Get a tutorial about playing "Just Squeeze" me. It opens at 8:45 AM Hawaiian Time, with the tutorial beginning at 9:00 AM, Saturday, August 7. They now give the time in Hawaiian Time because of the confusion caused by some areas not having DST...