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  1. Ziret

    Kiwaya standard vs thinline sopranos

    That was a god comparison, thanks. They both sound good, but the KS-1 sounds really good. It’s definitely worthy of its family lineage
  2. Ziret

    Style 3 Myrtle Soprano

    Wow, that’s gorgeous. For some reason I thought it was going to be a tenor. Style 3 soprano is better!
  3. Ziret

    When you see or reply an old thread, please check if it's bumped by spammer

    That’s clever—of you for figuring it out and them, too. Everyone is manipulating our attention online.
  4. Ziret

    No more String Spacing Gauges

    I have a similar tool for sewing that can be used to measure pleats, etc. Very handy.
  5. Ziret

    SOLD _ Kala Elite Solid Honduran Mahogany Tenor

    You got a great deal!
  6. Ziret

    what do you sit on?

    I've been reading these and wondering how, if I weren't happy just sitting on a kitchen chair, I could otherwise use what I already have. Great minds think alike. I have a similar ice chest I use on the porch to keep my binoculars and bird book safe, dust free, and handy, and I also use it for a...
  7. Ziret

    Timple Canario (Campanella style beginner)

    I like how that instrument sounds
  8. Ziret

    Freight Train - Duets for One

    Nicely done! I must get out the book and try again.
  9. Ziret

    Did anyone else name their ukulele?

    I had a car with that name. We just called it by its initials, the POS
  10. Ziret

    Dating Harmony with Wooden Pegs

    That would be so fun to play! Put some GraphTech tuners on it and enjoy it. Very pretty
  11. Ziret

    Why not buy a 1/2 sized guitar instead of a guitarlele?

    Thank you, I get it now. Hope I don’t succumb.
  12. Ziret

    Why not buy a 1/2 sized guitar instead of a guitarlele?

    What is the advantage of the Mini M or R versus the Mini II?
  13. Ziret

    how big are your ukulele collections?

    And Don’t Panic.
  14. Ziret

    Huawind Concert Ukulele - REVIEW It's not available in the UK. I'm sorry my points don't make sense to you, which is really just one point. I've been reading, enjoying...
  15. Ziret

    Huawind Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

    I was just wondering why you chose to buy such an obviously ugly instrument? Did the description mention that hideous laser etching? I don’t disagree with any of your points, but if you buy something that’s shown to be super ugly, it seems you wanted that, and then it’s unfair to pile on...
  16. Ziret

    Cedar/Koa or All Koa

    That was so pretty. They’re amazing.
  17. Ziret

    FS: Many Newer Martins, Collings and Kamaka

    I have one of Travis’s ukes, too, a Kiwaya. He was such a good player and quite the collector of soprano ukuleles.
  18. Ziret

    Kala strings

    Fine. I can’t remember the perceived flaw it was supposed to overcome and I’d probably be fine with regular fluorocarbon now. I’ve gone through phases and so have my strings. 🙂
  19. Ziret

    Crazy Sparkly Da Silva

    OMG the sound is as incredible as the look.
  20. Ziret

    Kala strings

    Interesting. I like a wound G and C and have la Bella smooth wound low G and also a smooth wound C (currently I think it’s Hanne-something) on my Elite concert. I have some Worth low G strings, maybe I’ll put one in the C position when I change strings and see if I like it. I guess I’d go with a...