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  1. donboody

    Bass Uke pickup volume not balanced fix.

    Thanks for the tip, Michael!
  2. donboody


    I tried the UU discord. I feel like id enjoy it if all I wanted to do was follow a chat room all day and if it didnt bother me that I never had any idea what was going on every time I opened up the app, and if it didnt bother me that most people in the ukulele chat room didnt really seem to be...
  3. donboody

    My first build

    What a father-in-law you are
  4. donboody

    Ukulele Instruction

    I mean youre right, but may as well let him do it anyhow. Seems to make him feel good, which is the only reason I play.
  5. donboody

    Freight Train - Duets for One

    I had to practice only that a few hours a night for like 3 weeks. Ukulele is hard!
  6. donboody

    Georgia on my Mind - Duets for One

    Nice job! I haven't got as far as Georgia in the book yet. Im still working on "I Saw The Light." I dont have much experience with fingerpicking so its been fun to work on that.
  7. donboody

    Seated Playing

    I like to have a sit now and then. Thanks.
  8. donboody

    Capo for beginners

    Turns out I still have a capo, saw it in a backpack last night. Left it there.
  9. donboody

    NUD KoAloha yay!

    It really is beautiful
  10. donboody

    Which Chord To Pose With?

    This thread is for amusement purposes
  11. donboody

    The Dance Garth Brooks

    Me in the playroom doing Ukulele Time's arrangement of Garth Brooks' The Dance. I am playing the Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele with the Uke Logic Soft Tension Pink Sandia Low G string set and the black strap that came with my Nova...
  12. donboody

    Harmony Ukulele question

    That thing looks crazy. I love it!
  13. donboody

    A quick blurb....Flight Concert Voyager CEQ

    Might be just me but that headstock comes off super disproportionate
  14. donboody

    Capo for beginners

    I had a capo once, I did not find that it improved my ukulele playing
  15. donboody

    Oh, the soprano...

    Feel like I could do with a tenor neck soprano
  16. donboody

    sci-fi novel with uke wielding heroes

    Really cool looking ukes!
  17. donboody

    Which Chord To Pose With?

    I bar the 7th fret with my pinky and flip the bird with my middle
  18. donboody

    Which Chord To Pose With?

    When you're going to be photograpbed holding your ukulele, and youre aware of it to the point where you can deliberately pose for the photo, which chord do you finger on the fretboard for the shot? G major? Perhaps the more exotic Bb minor? A single note?
  19. donboody

    Mu chords

    Hopefully you'll get some info, this could be a very interesting thread
  20. donboody

    What's your favorite ukulele body size? why?

    Tenors RULE