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  1. kkimura

    Navigation buttons?

    Has anyone found the "previous" and "next" keys used to move from thread to thread?
  2. kkimura

    Tenor Strings on a Concert?

    Sorry, I know this question is very similar to the "Tenor strings on super concert?" thread but I couldn't see the answer to my question there. I have a set of Worth clear low G strings (CT-LG) on my tenor that I like the sound of. Can I put them on a concert scale ukulele without any bad...
  3. kkimura

    Wenger Warrantee

    I went to use my little pocket Swiss Army knife the other day but found it was broken. The spring piece that holds the blades open (or shut) cracked in half. Long story short, after fighting with a somewhat broken service web page the guy on the Wenger chat line suggested that I just mail it...
  4. kkimura

    Your Song of the Day?

    What's you "song of the day"? The song you're working on or playing or just noodling around with today. I've got my Hawaiian binder open to Koke'e. "Never more to say good bye."
  5. kkimura

    NUD (new old uke day)

    Just brought home a new Pono MC concert ukulele. Actually it is a 2017. Found posted in Craigslist by a nice lady who never played it. Mint condition with original Alohi strings.
  6. kkimura

    Martin S1

    All solid mahogany with Gotoh UPT planetary gear tuners and Kaces gig bag. $300 paypal Will ship USPS to continental US.
  7. kkimura

    Best "K" brand soprano?

    Which "K" brand makes the best soprano sized ukulele?
  8. kkimura

    Martin Mahogany?

    I just read Ukecasters post about a Ko'olau tenor made with Cuban mahogany, grown in Hawaii. That got me wondering about what kind of mahogany goes into modern Martin ukuleles and where their wood is sourced.
  9. kkimura

    Uke Talk or General Discussion?

    Would it be possible to keep "Uke Talk" threads about ukulele related stuff and use other Boards like "General Discussion" for other stuff? I know Covid 19 is on all of our minds these days and I have followed all of those threads. But sometimes I'd like to browse just the uke stuff too.
  10. kkimura


    Received a black Flight TUS-35 this afternoon. Got it used here on UU and it exceeds all my expectations. Nicely built, loud with good tone and intonation. A worthy replacement for the OXK I used to have as my "all weather" travel ukulele.
  11. kkimura

    What strings are these?

    I recently bought a used Ko'olau concert that has black strings on it. While I'm somewhat sure they aren't Ko'olau 'Alohi or Mahana strings (wrong color) I like these black strings but don't know what they are. They are solid black and feel like fluorocarbon to my uneducated fingers. But...
  12. kkimura

    Nud :d

    I went down to The Music Emporium in Lexington, MA to look at mid-line Pono and Martin concerts. They're the only place within driving distance that stocks mid to high end ukuleles. They had a few Kamakas and Kanileas too. Nice to see and try them in person. Long story short, they also had a...
  13. kkimura

    Any Takamine ukulele owners out there?

    I tried finding one of those Takamine ukuleles after reading the Bazmaz review. Apparently no one on NH has one in stock so I though i'd ask around here. If you have one where did you get it and how do you like it?
  14. kkimura

    Worth Strings

    I've noticed that a lot of Worth ukulele string descriptions do not say what size ukulele they are for. Can they be used on any size ukulele?
  15. kkimura

    Martin S1 with Gotoh UPT tuners

    Just upgraded my Martin S1 with a set of Gotoh UPT tuners (thanks Ron). Cleaned the fret board and applied some fret board conditioner while I was at it. New Martin M600 flourocarbons to round it out.
  16. kkimura

    Makai Ukuleles?

    Does anybody have or has anybody had a Makai ukulele? Any thoughts on them?
  17. kkimura

    Tenor Guitar vs Baritone Ukulele

    Not trying to pit one against the other as the title seems to imply. I'm trying to find out if they are the same, or what the differences are between a baritone ukulele and a tenor guitar.
  18. kkimura

    Mainland in the Bagster Commercial?

    Anyone else see the Mainland ukulele in the Bagster TV commercial? The name on the headstock is covered by black tape but the shape and size of the tape can't hide what is obviously a Mainland red cedar ukulele.
  19. kkimura

    Acacia Pono vs Koa Martin?

    Any opinions on the concert Acacia Pono vs the concert Koa Martin? Specifically I'm talking about the Pono AC and the Martin C1K. Taking the price difference out of the equation, which one would you prefer and why?
  20. kkimura

    NCD (New Case Day)

    Just took delivery of a new Oahu tenor size case from HMS! It is great and exceeds all my expectations. Also got a Oasis humidifier to go along with it for our dry New England winters. The case was actually delivered yesterday but I wasn't home to sign for it. Wish more online companies...