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  1. Martinlover

    519: Flashback Time Machine

    What a cool idea Joko. I spun and got 479. A Liz Brinker season called Destination Known. Here’s what I did back then with the help of Del and Kev.
  2. Martinlover

    Seasonistas on-line get together / open mic

    Ha Ha Ha. I remember this series.
  3. Martinlover

    Looking for Ukulele in Bradenton FL

    Thanks BBegall! Enjoyed meeting you and talking uke. Also enjoying the Kala cedar-top baritone.
  4. Martinlover

    Looking for Ukulele in Bradenton FL

    Howdy, I need a ukulele quick while I am in Bradenton FL. I would prefer to spend <$200 for a used baritone or tenor or maybe even a concert. Anybody selling something? I can't take a day without a uke.
  5. Martinlover

    Mya Moe Resonator Tenor Uke W/ Pickup

    Hi Kev, I have a friend looking for one of these. I'll let him know.
  6. Martinlover

    BEWARE: Wanna Be Friends?

    Some of us have noticed that the milli-second we publish a live video on YouTube, we get a comment from someone we don’t know. There are no views at this point either. The comment is posted by seemingly different account names with different icons, and state: Wanna be friends? Or Let’s be...
  7. Martinlover

    This Kid is Amazing

    This is Feng E. I ran into him last year at the at Taiwan Ukulele Festival.
  8. Martinlover

    NUD Sydow Carbon Fiber Tenor

    Regarding stimulus checks: Congrats on your one-of-kind Ukulele. The bridge is cool. Would love to hear a sound sample.
  9. Martinlover

    NUD Barron River Baritone Spruce and Mahogany

    Here’s comparison photos with a Pono baritone for size and depth.
  10. Martinlover

    NUD Barron River Baritone Spruce and Mahogany

    I actually got this ukulele a month ago but have been keeping it under wraps. I am unworthy of this amazing ukulele. I saw it listed on the HMS site and tried to ignore it but 2 friends mentioned it to me, saying, “I see that builder you like has a baritone up on the ukulele site.” Plus, I still...
  11. Martinlover

    Lady Marigold and Mr Fox

    I wrote this ballad for those of us obsessed with the old fairy tale Mr. Fox, which has the infamous refrain, Be Bold, Be Bold. Basically the story of a lady betrothed to a serial killer. I took the liberty of changing Lady Mary’s name to Lady Marigold because rhyming. Baritone ukulele. Lady...
  12. Martinlover

    NUD A’ Coming: Bean Sprout Baritone

    It’s getting really exciting.
  13. Martinlover

    Hoffmann Spruce Tenor with pickup

    Forgot to mention this ukulele comes with custom case.
  14. Martinlover

    Hoffmann Spruce Tenor with pickup

    Here’s a photo for size comparison. From right to left: Martin soprano, Mya Moe concert resonator, Barron River tenor, Mya Moe tenor, Hoffmann tenor, Pono baritone.
  15. Martinlover

    NUD A’ Coming: Bean Sprout Baritone

    It has begun.
  16. Martinlover

    Hoffmann Spruce Tenor with pickup

    I am not sure what the back and sides are made of. The picture of the back shows buckle rash. Not a deep gouge. The finish is worn there.
  17. Martinlover

    Hoffmann Spruce Tenor with pickup

    ML Style Hoffman Tenor Ukulele 2018 — Spruce/Mahogany with ebony fretboard — with passive pickup. A real player, has strum marks, a little buckle rash and 3 tiny gouges under the bridge under the A-string. Still a beautiful example of Hoffmann’s workmanship. Wonderful to look at and play. The...
  18. Martinlover

    Ukulele in the Time of Coronavirus

    What is everybody doing during this time at home? I’ve been cleaning out the junk drawers and finally got to my strings drawer. Really wish I took a before photo because it was a mess. And what am I supposed to do with all these Oasis humidifier syringes?
  19. Martinlover

    NUUD Barron River Tenor Cedar and Quilted Maple!

    I received by post from Australia, a used Barron River Western cedar and quilted maple tenor. She’s not in pristine shape but well played and loved. Many strum marks and some dings in her cedar top. A gash in her neck was filled. Here’s a recent sound sample a friend did just noodling around...
  20. Martinlover

    Help! U-Bass Tuning

    Trying out Luna steel string U Bass. For the life of me I can not tune this thing. Every tuner says something different and my phone tuner for bass has the E string (4th and fattest) so floppy, it is unplayable. I am afraid to over crank. I did take a ukulele bass workshop a year ago but the...