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  1. Mivo

    Do you use high-G/reentrant or low-G/linear tuning exclusively?

    I went back and forth about re-entrant and linear tuning for a while, and seem to lately settle on just using both on different ukuleles. This doesn't entirely remove the wondering what the other tuning format would sound like on a given uke, but at least I don't change weekly! :) What about...
  2. Mivo

    Did Aquila Reds change recently?

    I just put a set of Aquila Reds (88U) on my tenor, and the strings feel different. The manufacturing month was 11/2016. The strings no longer have the initially very noticeable rough/sandpaper-y texture, and generally seem more elastic. The wound string also strikes me as a bit thinner and more...
  3. Mivo

    Ukulele books: Digital or paper?

    A few years ago I began to embrace e-books, partly because they take up less space (1000s of books fit on one memory card), partly because there is the element of instant gratification (when I import paper books, it can take 2-3 weeks, and some paper books are out of print), and partly because...
  4. Mivo

    First impressions and audio: aNueNue Moon Bird concert (aNN-UC200)

    After playing mostly sopranos and tenors for a while, I felt once more drawn to the concert size, hoping to find in it the Goldilocks size that gives me the best of both worlds. I also wanted an instrument that is ideal for re-entrant C tuning as I prefer D tuning on sopranos and either low-G or...
  5. Mivo

    NUUD: Deering Banjo Ukulele/Banjolele (concert size)

    I had been lusting after a banjolele for a couple years, but never took the plunge because I wasn't sure I'd like it and didn't have the opportunity to try one out. I did determine that the Deering concert version would probably be the one that I'd most likely enjoy, but I still hesitated --...
  6. Mivo

    Has anyone tried the Schertler contact mics with ukes?

    I'm curious about the Schertler contact microphones from their DYN series. They come in different types (for different instruments) and with and without phantom power. As they are a bit pricey, I wonder if anyone has first hand experience with them? If so, which ukulele/wood/size did you use...
  7. Mivo

    Do you still play your first ukulele?

    On a whim, I pulled out my first ukulele from the closet. It's a Stagg UC80 concert with a solid mahogany top that I bought a little over five years ago. I had never changed the strings (that seemed such a daunting task when I was a new player!), and between feeling the action was too high (I...
  8. Mivo

    $30k discounted guitar

    Compared to guitars, ukuleles are really an inexpensive hobby. Just saw this guitar that is discounted by $30,000. :)
  9. Mivo

    Have you ever returned a new ukulele?

    I'm not big on returning stuff, mostly because of the hassle of having to deal with shipping, explaining, waiting for the money or replacement, etc. But just this past week, I returned a ukulele for the first time, and it took me a few days to make up my mind, with a lot of back and forth on...
  10. Mivo

    Buzzing in two frets only.

    I have a Chinese made solid tenor that I got a few years ago. I haven't done anything with it as I got the Barron River tenor not much later. I've been thinking about gifting it to someone, so today I took it out of its bag to see how it sounded. It actually had a great sound, very sweet acacia...
  11. Mivo

    Do any of you use linear D tuning?

    I know that James Hill uses it, but do any of you use linear D tuning (ADF#B) with a low-A? If so, what have your experiences with strings been? The most obvious choice are probably Southcoast's medium tension strings. Have you tried others? I'm very reluctant to attempt this with regular...
  12. Mivo

    Keep coming back to D tuning

    I had tried D tuning (ADF#B) a longer while ago, on a soprano, and with regular fluorocarbon C tuning strings, which didn't work for me. It sounded strangled, too much tension. I blamed it on the instrument (which since has passed on), but in retrospect I think it was the strings (Martin M600)...
  13. Mivo

    Shopping Plans for 2017 -- what's on your list?

    A new year is approaching, and with it come numerous opportunities to buy new ukuleles! ;) (Yes, practicing, making music, and having fun should be on anyone's list also!) Do you have any shopping plans? Is your UAS focused on any particular instrument, something you consider getting in the new...
  14. Mivo

    Flatpicking - how to best go about learning it?

    I know, using picks with the ukulele is a bit of a sacrilege, and I never thought I'd go there, but recently I picked up a bunch of different picks (plastic, nylon, wedgies, in different strengths ranging from .38 to 1.00mm, and however thick those light and medium wedgies are), and I actually...
  15. Mivo

    Measuring string heigth

    Perhaps a daft question, but: When you measure string height/action, do you measure this from the top of the string to the fretboard or from the bottom of the string to the fretboard? Or top/bottom of the string to the top of the fret wire (instead of fretboard)?
  16. Mivo

    How reliable are hygrometers?

    I've had a digital hygrometer for a year or so. A few days ago I picked up a few extra ones from a different maker. Smaller ones to go into uke cases. As an experiment, I placed them all in the same spot of the room where my larger hygrometer sits at. Watching them for a few days, they don't...
  17. Mivo

    Eddie Kamae - Tuning?

    I just bought Eddie Kamae's "Heart of the Ukulele" album on iTunes, and it's really great stuff. Very worthwhile if you haven't heard of it yet. Does anyone what tuning Eddie Kamae uses/used, particularly on this album? I can't even tell if it's linear or re-entrant.
  18. Mivo

    Has anyone played both a Farallon and Clara?

    The Blackbird Farallon has been available for a bit, but it's hard to get much information about it. There's a handful of videos, but it's all rather limited. Do any of you own both, or had the chance to play both of them, and can compare them in terms of sound, volume, and playability? Did/do...
  19. Mivo

    Your favorite Ukulele size -- Autumn 2016 edition

    We haven't done this in a while, so I'm curious what the current forum audience's preferred ukulele sizes are. :) I included the major hybrid sizes also. If you like several, please pick the one that you enjoy playing the most.
  20. Mivo

    I like listening to low-G, but not playing with it.

    I've always felt a bit indecisive and torn about low-G, and just the other day I think it dawned on me what the reason is: I like listening to someone else playing on a low-G ukulele (Daniel Ho's Polani album being a great example, which I favor over any high-G ukulele album I've heard), but...