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  1. Jerryc41

    Ukulele Instruction

    I heard of a group somewhere that had lessons for the first half hour.
  2. Jerryc41

    Ukulele Instruction

    I'm not that "aggressive." :)
  3. Jerryc41

    Change of user name.

    That's good to know. I picked my "41" at random. I just kept trying numbers until one was accepted. I should have tried "44," the year I was born, 1944, that it. : )
  4. Jerryc41

    Ukulele Instruction

    Occasionally, someone at our weekly jam would try to "teach" us something. I find that to be worse than a waste of time. It just takes away from the playing. Today, one of our members is planning to explain "Major and Minor scales chords and triads, and stuff." He's not a uke teacher. Just...
  5. Jerryc41

    NUD: EJ Henderson, Red Spruce and Maple Tenor

    That's a beauty!
  6. Jerryc41

    Increased Shipping Costs

    From Oct 3 - Dec 26, the Post Office is raising shipping costs and slowing service. They call it a holiday surcharge. This could hurt private sales of ukes, since pricing is based on size, weight, and distance. I wish I had heard about this weeks ago.
  7. Jerryc41

    "Anatomy of an Acoustic Guitar"

    Okay, so it has six strings instead of four. It's similar. This lady is very talented, but most of what she does involved wood. This is a video she made showing a guitar she was about to build - after designing it. she used a program called Blender on her Mac to design it. If you look...
  8. Jerryc41

    Synergy Carbon Fiber Concert

    I like mine, too. I admit it's not loud, but it's not would call quiet, either. Many ukes are definitely loud, but most are what I would call normal. I wouldn't suggest that anyone pass this one by because it's too quiet. I like the idea that it's carbon fiber, and I don't have to worry...
  9. Jerryc41

    Dewdrop ukulele…thought after awning and playing it!

    I bought a Dewdrop concert three years ago, and I love it. I first saw them at the Allegheny Ukulele Soiree, and I should have bought one then. It took me another year to get one. It's beautiful, light, and has a very nice sound. You can design it just the way you want. I have the pictures...
  10. Jerryc41

    Impressions of the HMS Membership Lessons

    I have no experience with their lessons, but I've found that even lessons intended for beginners can't hurt - and could help.
  11. Jerryc41

    Oh, the soprano...

    No problem. In the beginning, the soprano WAS the ukulele. Kamaka calls the soprano "the standard."
  12. Jerryc41

    Ways to Support this Forum and Keep it around

    VIP link not working. Nothing Found It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.
  13. Jerryc41

    Tenor Form

    This went on sale for $15, so I ordered one. It will be a starting point for any future tenors. I'll have to take an online course in Chinese so I can read the writing on it. I began making a uke a few weeks ago, but then the roof on the screen room collapsed - water leakage - and replacing...
  14. Jerryc41

    NUD Sadness

    Yes, that would be good to know.
  15. Jerryc41

    Uke over Guitar

    Once again, I'm glad I chose the uke over the guitar. Aside from having to deal with four string, rather than six, the prices are much better. I bought a piece of neck mahogany from Stew-Mac for about $40, and that yielded two necks. I keep seeing pop-up ads for a piece of mahogany for a...
  16. Jerryc41

    NUD Sadness

    Right! Regardless how small a business might be, they have to do right by the customer. Mim is a one person operation, and she is excellent. If someone can't run a business correctly, maybe they shouldn't be running a business.
  17. Jerryc41

    NUD Sadness

    Yes, I think that's important. Of course, we should see how this works out before we assume the worst. However, if buyers protect bad dealers, they will continue to disappoint customers.
  18. Jerryc41

    NUD Disappointment

    Return it - with a postage=-paid label from the dealer.
  19. Jerryc41

    String change anxiety

    Snapping is annoying, but it happens. As someone said, look for sharp edges. Tighten the strings gradually - over a period of hours.
  20. Jerryc41

    How young is too young for a first uke?

    Lots of the pros seem to have started at age 4, so 3 should be fine if she has an interest. Just don't expect the interest to last forever, though.