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    Popular chord transitions to work on with E chord

    Hi all, I am working on a variety of things with my uke, currently spenidng time with the E chord. I am wondering, in general, what are the chords you tend to see before and after E in the songs you play? Basically, I want to practice the E chord by moving from E to other chords and back...
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    What do you think? Seagull uke steel

    Seagull makes some great guitars, wonder what you experienced uke-ers think of this:
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    NUD First ukes for the family

    Been lurking and learning over the last few months since my 7yo son said he wanted a uke. Finally got our first two ukes. Put a few close up of the Kala comfort edge so people could see it a bit clearer... Looking forward to learning how to play now.
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    Anyone have a recently purchased KPK pineapple?

    I guess that says it all. Looking for some pics of them, as well as feedback on them. Thanks dh
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    First Uke Purchase - thoughts?

    Hi all, Been lurking around the last couple of months reading up on stuff and learning things I did not know, watching videos, looking at everything - confident now that what I want is maybe what I want! I love finding communities like this that can help me make good decisions and learn. I...
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    Naive Question: why it seems some wood is always laminate not solid top

    Hi all, New to all of this. Been researching for a while, lurking in the UU vaults etc, and have been wondering the following: Why does it seem that there are many types of "interesting looking" woods that seem to always be laminate? i.e. This Bucote Kala Others that I have seen include...