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  1. badhabits

    Leolani price

    the difference bw a name brand (albeit smaller and not as widely known) and a house brand? happens a lot btw...
  2. badhabits

    slight change to Uke Crazy polyfoam cases

    Just got a concert size, presumably new stock, and instead of the velcro hold down strap there is a small foam block inside the top, that presses down when closed to hold the uke in place. It is visible in pics on the kala website. I like it. I don't like stiff velcro (or other sharp stuff)...
  3. badhabits

    Did anyone else name their ukulele?

    a feminine name for a waterMAN??? hmmm, confusion ensues. how about "splashy"? or "jonah"
  4. badhabits

    Ukulele Instruction

    simple fix....when the "lesson" starts, stand up, walk away, come back when the "lesson" is over. perhaps other members might find it useful...or not. or if you're the only there just say "I don't need this cr@p, let's play!"
  5. badhabits

    KoAloha's New Tuners

    agreed...doesn't look right imo, too cluttered, and it seems like the G & A buttons would rotate very close to the first "points"
  6. badhabits

    Magic Flea sound

    I've had both, and currently own neither. The flea had some "shortcomings" as previously mentioned (fretboard, tuners) and sometimes I think about getting another one, with upgrades. But with all the bells and whistles it's hard to stomach spending $400-450+ on a partially plastic uke, esp...
  7. badhabits

    Nut Width On The Ohana SK-30M

    I doubt they vary that much, using stock materials, and it's a concert neck stuck on a soprano body so...Mims spec says 1-3/8", so closer to 35mm according to her. she has ohana sopranos at 1-5/16" so very slightly narrower. Btw that matches my experience with my ohana concerts and the one...
  8. badhabits

    Nut Width On The Ohana SK-30M

    how convenient that nut width is blank their specs page... you could email Ohana/Stephanie, you'll get a reply pretty quickly.
  9. badhabits

    Did anyone else name their ukulele?

    hahahaha... did the first word start with P and last word start with S, by chance? who knew that the term "square" was still in use? :)
  10. badhabits

    disappointed in my new Kamaka HF-2 Concert Ukulele

    Kamaka most certainly made some arrangement with a string supplier/mfg, but is there much prestige if nobody knows who they are (can't or don't advertise/publicize that fact)? I have a pack of Kamaka strings from the mid 70s that say "Dupont black nylon".
  11. badhabits

    Did anyone else name their ukulele?

    Longer answer, hell no. ;-)
  12. badhabits

    Ohana TPK-25G Small Scale Sopranino

    You could add long necks, 5 string, 8 string to your list as well... quite the range. I forget to mention, I am impressed that baz didn't flinch one bit when the 2 ukes knocked together towards the
  13. badhabits

    Ohana TPK-25G Small Scale Sopranino

    Street price about $225… I’d have a hard time spending that much on a “novelty uke”, esp when the bag or case is a separate item/cost.
  14. badhabits

    Ohana TPK-25G Small Scale Sopranino

    I’ve got that uke, and have pretty much the same likes/dislikes…however, I have it strung with fluorocarbon strings and think is sounds fine in C tuning. I agree that it sounds WAY better than the O’nino (also with fluorocarbon strings), which sounded toy-like to me, no comparison really.
  15. badhabits

    NUD: Martin 0XK concert

    I doubt the "raw" HPL sheets are the size of the ukulele body. My guess is that a variety of patterns are possible, albeit with limited variety in the woodgrains.
  16. badhabits

    Is it still UAS if you buy a uke for someone else?

    I returned one as well...a fret marker had fallen out, the strap button was installed crooked, it was really heavy, and too easy to pull the A string off the fretboard.
  17. badhabits

    Andrew Molina interviews Jake Shimabukuro

    AM podcast #17, good stuff! The previous podcasts are good too, lots of familiar names.
  18. badhabits

    Review- Pono Deluxe Tenor Pineapple Ukulele

    So it was fine, just ugly?
  19. badhabits

    NUD: Martin 0XK concert

    you should check out bonanza ukuleles. I think martin ought to go with richlite for fretboards and bridges on those.
  20. badhabits

    Kamoa Ukulele

    old thread, but...Maui???