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    trick to posting chord diagrams in forum posts?

    So I've been using Notepad and .txt files to make chord & tab diagrams. And they are AWESOME. But I can't post them in the forum for the same reason that I can't use Word to make them - The GUI nature of the "modern" software turns the text files into "what you see is NOT what you get." Are...
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    Guitalele or 1/4 scale classical?

    Im considering my next purchase after my baritone ukulele. I’m thinking either a Guitalele or a quarter scale classical guitar. Size wise there isn’t a lot of difference. And with the right strings the guitalele can be tuned E to E. Does anyone have any thoughts about one over the other?
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    2nd week with my uke

    I'm a few days into my second week with my new baritone ukulele. My impressions so far: OMG! My fingers have forgotten EVERYTHING from when I learned guitar as a kid. I don't remember my fingers hurting this much. Skill acquisition comes slowly. SOOO slowly. It doesn't sound like I'm...
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    youtube resources for baritone uku?

    Are there any good youtube channels that have video tutorials for baritone ukulele?
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    baritone uke fingerpicking - arpeggios with alternating base

    Hey all! Newbie looking for feedback. So I'm working on fingerpicking on my low-d baritone ukulele. Now when you do an alternating bass line you pluck the root note and then the fifth note. And with a properly inverted chord, the fifth note is in the bass. OK, if all I want to do is a...
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    Attaching the strap at the headstock

    Is there a good reason to NOT attach my strap at the headstock? I attach one end of the strap at the tail button like normal, and then rather than attach the other end to the button at the heel of the neck, I attach it with cord around the head. I find that this way the guitar hangs in a...
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    Tune a Guitalele E to E like a guitar?

    I know a guitalele is "suppose" to be tuned A to A, just like a full size guitar with a capo on the 5th fret. But can a guitalele be tuned E to E like a regular guitar?
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    Near as I can tell

    Near as I can tell an expensive ukulele runs roughly the price of an entry level acoustic guitar. Now, inevitably here is where someone posts a link to a hand made ukulele crafted by a master luthier from exotic woods sourced from deep in the Elbowian rain forest, home of the highly endangered...
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    Talk me out of a baritone ukulele

    I’m kicking around the idea of buying a ukulele. I’ve more or less settled on a baritone ukulele. My idea is that, with a baritone ukulele, all of my experience playing guitar with chord shapes and scales and everything will transfer over. Plus my state has a ukulele group that does biweekly...
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    Searching for a unicorn - L. Handed Baritone Uke Chord Chart?

    Does anyone have a link to a chart or a book that shows common left-handed baritone ukulele chords? I can find free charts on the web for regular baritone ukulele chords. Or left-handed guitar chords. Or left-handed regular ukulele chords. But not left-handed baritone ukulele chords. I...
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    Age Old Question - R. Handed or L. Handed Uke?

    I have to make a confession to the forum - I am a sinister man. As opposed to dexter. That is to say, I am left-handed. When I was younger I tried to learn the guitar. After mulling it over, I decided to learn the guitar right handed. That way, I presumed, I would be able to lend my guitar...
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    Newbie question - Use a pick?

    Very straightforward, very newbie question - Is it usual to use a pick with a ukulele, or is the expectation that you will only strum & fingerpick?