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    Boggs vacuum box

    I found this on a woodwork site I visit. It comes from Brian Boggs, the fellow that builds chairs. The holes in the top are situated right below the cutter head and the vacuum will keep thin stock from being pulled up into the cutters. It may make the thickness planer a bit more useful for thin...
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    cutting sides to shape

    Please excuse my constant questions but I have another one. When it comes to cutting the sides for an arch back uke to the proper shape do you cut to shape first or bend and then shape? Thanks Bill
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    silicone heating blanket

    I'm looking at buying a heating blanket to try and improve my side bending skills. There are so many power options out there all the way from 250w to 1200w. What's do you all recommend for power for ukulele bending? Thanks Bill
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    cutting inlays

    I'd like to add inlays to my ukulele projects,something a bit fancier than round dots and I have no idea where to start.My fine motor skills aren't up to cutting them by hand so I've thought about a laser engraver. I don't want to just jump in with no plan so I'm looking for advice. How do you...
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    Fret installation tips

    For my second build I will install the frets after the neck and fretboard are installed. I tap the frets into place and then use a press to seat them but I'm not sure how to deal with the frets over the sound board, (fretboard extension?) Hammering on this section seems a bit risky. Hopefully...
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    thickness sanding

    How do you "stick" your thin pieces to a sled for running through your thickness sander?.What does everyone use? I'm waiting on delivery of a Shopfox w 1740 sander hopefully this week and I've got sides a top and a back that need thinning.Thanks Bill
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    Posting pictures

    How is it done? there is an option to upload a picture file from a computer that does not work,Trying to link to a 3rd party host results in a false "forbidden spammer" message. Question to the admins, could we make this a bit more user friendly??? You can probably sense my frustration with this...
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    Veneer softener

    Veneer softener,do you use it Do you buy the commercial stuff eg. Super Soft2 or do you make your own? Have you had any issues with binding or finishing when using it? Lots of questions I know. The commercial product is hard to find and very expensive in Canada so I'm interested in hearing...
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    notch the saddle

    Hello another question from a beginner. Do you cut notches for the strings in the saddle? If this has been covered before please point me to it.
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    search function

    I'm having trouble making sense of the search function. For example if I want to search for the phrase "gluing bindings" it returns hundreds of hits with the word gluing or the word binding. I put quotes around the phrase and get the same results. Am I missing something here?
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    one piece binding

    A question from a beginner re binding.Do you use a one piece length so the only joint is hidden under the neck or two pieces with a joint at the butt as well? I've tried the search function without much luck, help please.
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    tone wood

    I'm getting started on my first project, a baritone uke.I bought my wood, a set of top,sides and back in black walnut. and for a little extra the vendor included some high grade spruce as an optional top. The walnut for the back is a given and I'd really like to use the walnut for the sound...
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    new member from Canada

    Hello all,l Bill here,I have little musical talent but I have this urge to build a baritone ukulele. I've been a hobby wood worker for years but I've yet to do anything like this. I've done lot's of reading and have got a set of plans and some wood so here I go! I'm sure there will be questions...