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    Not new... But have been away...

    Hey UU I just wanted to drop a quick line and say hello. I have been away since the early fall of 2010. Life just started to speed up. I got married in October and my wife and I moved to Palo Alto in December. We didn’t waste anytime and found out she was pregnant in January. After the news...
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    wanted: Tangi manini sopranino

    hey guys.. i have been away for a bit... got a wife.. new house... new baby... blah blah.. anyhow i sold my Tangi Manini and now i wish i had not... so i am on the HUNT! let me know if you have one for sale.. PM me.. or use one of the other ways to contact me in my sig. dominic
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    NPR - - Zee Avi: Tiny Desk Concert

    from NPR "November 23, 2009 - Malaysian-born singer-songwriter Zee Avi owes a large portion of her success to the Internet. Hers is an increasingly familiar but still noteworthy story: After posting a few songs on YouTube and MySpace, Avi was discovered by Patrick Keeler of the rock group The...
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    Moving to the Bay Area / Palo Alto CA DEC28th

    hey guys i just wanted to check in and let people know that my wife and i are moving to the Bay Area.. Palo Alto to be specific. after a quick trip home to Kansas City form DEC 14th-25th we will be in Palo Alto.. seeso told me there are a good number of UU people up in that area, and from my...
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    Tangi Manini For Sale

    Well... I hate to let this one go... But it is getting DUSTY and I have SWORN that I am not going to have UAS... I am only keeping ukes that I play... And play a lot... My new Kolaoha Custom is taking all my time... So this one needs a new home. I bought this Tangi Manini form MGM last...
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    LA / Huntington Beach Danielle Ate the Sandwich SHOW AND MEET UP

    hey do you live in LA? do you live near Huntington Beach? i have two things to share... #1 Danielle Ate the Sandwich is going to be playing at the HOTEL CAFE at 7 in LA NOV 14.. and if you do not know who she is.. take a look here.. she is quite...
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    New Tattoo DAN from LA INK PLAYS MY UKE

    hey guys... some of you are my facebook friends... twitter... and tumblr... and if you are.. then you might have seen this.. but i just thought i would share.. i might be on LA Ink in FEB. i made it though all the casting calls... and they did my tattoo and shot all the footage.. it might...
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    Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots by Flaming Lips (cover) COLLAB

    hey guys.. i just made video #2 and did it in two day.. wow.. not super duper happy with how this one came out.. adding drums is hard even if you have someone who plays drums on the real.. but it is all about leanring.. and i am still going to post it.. love ya...
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    You and I cover/Collab this is a little collab i did with check it out.. rate.. comment.. subscribe if you like! thanks to iamdanielle for the good times! d
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    KoAloha Facotry Tour / New Custom / I AM IN HAWAII

    hey guys... it has been a bit... but i just had to take out a quick moment and post this.. once again the people at KoAloha are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G i can't say this enough about Pops... about Paul... About Bryan.. About the whole FAMILY of people that work in the shop (if i knew all of the names i...
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    new video.. Shelter From The Storm by Dylan hey guys.. this is a new video.... i had to give my guitar some love.. it was looking at my ukuleles in anger like it was going to take them out.. anyhow.. this is a song i used to play all the time when i started out.. i hope i ma getting better. d
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    Who All Has A Sonny Daze CigarBox Uke Post Pics Here

    Hey guys. I just wanted to start a thread about Sonny Daze CigarBox Ukes. I would like anyone who has one to post photos and the date your uke was born on it. Maybe give a little review. If any of you have one in the works you should post your photos also. This here... is mine..
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    New Bnjo Ukulele 1920's

    Hey all I wanted to show you my new Banjo Ukulele. I won it off ebay for around 250 once the shipping was added in. It looks to be from the 1920's. I was concerned about the sound, as most Banjo Ukuleles from that time period are hit and miss. But the case just pulled me in. This item is a...
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    Video Comment Contest Win A Prize Pack!

    This is a simple easy contest. I didn't put it in the contest section because it is not so much about ukuleles and more just about funny stories. The directions are simple. 1. Watch this youtube video ----> 2. Leave a text or video response 500...
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    Photos From Huntington Beach UU Meet Up!

    hey guys... it was a ton of fun at the AG show and then at the meet up!!! i took a few pics at the event and wanted to share them.. also if you want to TAG yourself in any of them.. do it!! add me on facebook.. i would love to get something going with all the HB area people down at the pier...
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    SoCal Ukulele Madness Week! 3 BIG Shows!

    So this one goes out to all the LA area SoCal people. I just wanted to post this because while most of you might already know about this... I am excited! There are three shows that I will be going to in the next 7 days! Tomorrow is the AG show in Huntington Beach.. Most of you know about that...
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    Creating Digital Voice Effect? Anyone know how?

    does anyone know how to get that "digital" voice effect often used in R&B and Rap music? robotic sounding but still your own voice... is there a way in GarageBand? looking to play around with a few things. Thanks..
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    Call Me Al Song Help

    I have looked at the chords online.. and they don't seem quite right here is a good video but he did not tell me the chords he used.. i like this version.. seems to stay true to the tune.. can you help! d
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    i had a little gig.. here is some video

    hey.. i got to play at Beach Music here in Huntington Beach CA... and i made this little video for you guys to take a look at... let me know what you think.. i was the only uker at this event as is usually the case!
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    Ukulele Youtube & Public Image at Work?

    a good UU friend posed this question to me in a PM and it is one that i have thought about quite a bit. my opinion goes back and forth... and i just wanted to start a topic about it. many of us not only play ukulele... but play ukulele live and on youtube... this means that anyone (friends...