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    Best GCEA strings for longneck/long-scale/super tenor?

    Hive mind, do those of you who play long-scale tenors have a particular string you like? I have a Kala Super Tenor strung with Oasis fluorocarbon, but those strings just sound tight on that 19-inch scale. I’ve got it tuned a half-step down, which sounds pretty sweet, but I’d really like to get...
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    Harp-Ukulele Players: How did/do you learn to play these?

    Hi everyone. I’ve owned two harp ukuleles. I sold the first one because I couldn’t wrap my brain around how to play it in a way that made use of its drone strings. A few years later, I decided to give it another try, bought another harp uke, and told myself that this time I would really put some...
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    WANTED: Classical or Fingerstyle books

    Hi everyone. I hope this post uploads correctly this time... I'm interested in exploring classical and/or fingerstyle playing. If you have any of the Tony Mizen books like "From Lute to Uke" that you're looking to rehome, please let me know how much you want with shipping to 94930. I'd also be...
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    Baritone Uke - to- Cuban Tres conversion?

    Hello esteemed builders. A friend of mine asked me about the feasibility of converting a baritone ukulele into a Cuban tres. He was thinking of doing this with an inexpensive, possibly laminate, baritone. The tres has three doubled courses, and I believe some of the strings are steel (silk and...
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    Luthiers, Please Tell Me What This Is

    Esteemed builders, I seek your advice. I just picked up this ukulele, which was made about 15 years ago by a small Hawaiian builder who’s no longer around. The photos I saw online gave me no cause for concern. They were taken from a few feet away. But when I received the uke, I was struck by the...
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    Need tuners for 1930s Martin 1

    Hi everyone. I have a 1930s Martin Style 1 that needs tuners. I plan to sell the uke, so I don't want to alter it to accept modern tuners (even if I were keeping it, I wouldn't want to do that). The holes are about 5/32nds of an inch bore. Does anyone know of a readily available, quality tuner...
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    FS: KoAloha "Classic" Tenor with LR Baggs P/U & Hard Case

    SOLD. THANKS EVERYONE. Selling a KoAloha Tenor Classic with L.R. Baggs Pickup. Built in Hawaii in 2017. This KoAloha is a special build that features beautiful ebony on the fingerboard binding, in the fretboard inlays (which are in the shape of the KoAloha crown), and on the bridge. The koa has...
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    Tell Me About Kelii Ukuleles

    Hi everyone. I just picked up a used Kelii concert uke, and I'm super-impressed with the sound and playability. I've looked around the web for more information about Kelii, but I get the feeling they're no longer in business. Does anyone know? Also, I did come upon an old blog post from The...
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    OK to swap Kala round-wound strings for the elastic ones?

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know if the Kala U-basses with the metal-wound strings can accommodate the regular Kala elastic strings. Is it a straight swap? And if so, what are folks' preferences on the elastic strings: Kala, Aquila, something else? Thanks!
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    String Question from a noob

    Kala Metal-Wound Strings Hi everyone. I have just acquired a used, fretted Kala U-bass, and it has the metal-wound Kala strings on it. I was hoping for more of a standup-bass sound than I'm getting, and I was wondering if switching to the synthetic strings would get me closer, or if the sound...
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    FS: Spruce Tiny Tenor by Pepe Romero & Daniel Ho, Ex. Con.

    No longer for sale.
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    Martin OXK Soprano - $175

    I am selling a like-new Martin OXK soprano ukulele, complete with Martin gigbag. The OXK is modeled on a classic Martin soprano, but with a body made of high-pressure-laminate and a neck made of multiple plies of wood. It features a compensated saddle, side fret markers and a koa-grain look...
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    Vintage Slingerland-Built Small-Pot Banjo Uke (High Quality)

    I'm selling off the remainder of my vintage ukulele collection, due to some life changes and new musical interests. Offered here is a sweet little vintage banjo ukulele built by Slingerland and branded under the Concertone name. This banjo features a 7-inch head, which IMO makes it a little...
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    Vintage Kamaka Gold Label CONCERT (Tiki Model)

    No longer for sale.
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    Anyone selling close-to-original wood tuning pegs for older Martins?

    Hi all. The title says it all: I've got a Martin soprano from the 1920s-'30s that's lost its wood pegs. Does anyone know of a source for replacement wood pegs that look close to the original items (and can be modified to fit without modifying the instrument)? Thanks!
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    KoAloha Super Concert - Nearly New!

    Hi everyone. I'm listing this ukulele for a friend who has limited internet and no PayPal. He purchased this ukulele new only a few months ago, but now his arthritis is acting up and he's decided to give up playing. This is a spectacular KoAloha Super Concert that is in as-new condition. It...
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    Electronic Gizmo To Make Uke Sound Like a Bass??

    Hi everyone. A few months ago I saw a solo ukulele player performing at a museum. He was playing what looked like a basic tenor uke with a pickup. But for a few songs, he flipped a switch on an amp (or maybe a foot pedal ... I can't recall), and was able to use his uke to lay down a bass line...
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    FS: Vintage Weymann "Style 2" Model 116 Soprano

    I've given up playing soprano, and I'm selling one of the "jewels" of my collection: a Weymann 116. This is a scarce, solid-mahogany soprano built in Philadelphia by a contemporary of Martin. According to the late Mike Longworth (via the incomparable uke artist Dan "Soybean" Sawyer), the Weymann...
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    FS: Vintage Japanese Mahogany Pineapple by Aria

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE I've stopped playing soprano ukes, and here's a little midcentury gem from my collection. This mahogany pineapple was built by Aria, the well-known guitar maker in Japan. It bears the company's earlier name, "Arai," which was its founder's name. This is a scarce little...